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Halloween is a time for adults and children alike to dress in their most festive costumes and showcase their creativity.

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We have all had some bad costumes, as well as some really good ones, too! Mothers take the opportunity to put their children in over-the-top outfits. College students take this holiday to go all out in their craziest gear.


Ashley House reflects on her childhood costumes. “I was Belle from Beauty and the Beast for three years because, she was my favorite Disney princess.”

That wasn’t the only reason House claims she kept the princess costume. “Also because, my mom’s pretty cheap and she just loved it.”


Little girls usually take Halloween as a time to pretend to be a princess, a fairy or something else extremely girly.


Not Lauren Weathers. “I wanted to be to be the red power ranger, no not the pink or the yellow, the girls, I wanted to be Tommy the red power ranger because he had the best spirit.”


Weathers continued to be the red power ranger for a few years, until she had an even better idea.


“I was a mad scientist and I had my mom pour fake blood all over me.” Weathers says she thinks her mom was embarrassed but “I enjoyed it, great Halloween memories.”


In the south, some mothers are afraid to let their little girls be exposed to too many scary aspects of Halloween. Halloween is sometimes thought of as a satanic holiday.


Catherine Wright’s mother was one of those protective southern moms. “My mom would never let me be anything scary like a witch or a ghost, she considered that like devil-worshipping.”


Halloween can be a fun experience if celebrated in a light-hearted, festive way. It doesn’t have to be scary or satanic. There is nothing more exciting to a child than getting to have an entire bucket of candy to eat.


Blaire Wheelis remembers her childhood Halloweens fondly. “My oldest friend Rachel and I would race, and I mean sprint, to see who could get the door fast enough to be the first to ring the doorbell.”


Everyone has a special childhood memory of Halloween, whether good or bad, to share. This Halloween, be sure to play safe, but to create many new memories!




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