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It seems that when students get started on their school career they don’t appreciate the nap time that is eventually taken away. As children, naps are necessary, but as busy teenagers and young adults, naps and relaxation time seem to fall under the category of “wishful thinking”. 

Gracie Straus, a junior studying radio, television and film, has found a new way to relax between classes. With two straps, a nylon hammock and a couple of trees, Straus can relax just about anywhere. 

“Usually I hammock over by the Haley Center,” Straus said. “People can see your hammock, but not really your face so you aren’t bothered.” 

In 1999, two brothers decided to make hanging out their career, and they meant literally. Peter and Paul Pinholster of Eagles Net Outfitters, inc., started as a small business working out of a minivan selling hammocks at music festivals and other community events. More than 10 years later the hammocks are becoming a trend, and not just in Auburn, Ala. 

“I started noticing last summer,” Straus said. “I noticed kids staying for the summer had theirs out everywhere on campus. By the library, by the rec center, really just everywhere.” 

The ENO, as they’re locally referred to, take less than a few minutes to set up or take down, adding to their convenience. 

“It’s really portable,” Straus said. 

The convenience of a built-in pouch and a matching one for the straps (sold separately) fit inside students’ backpacks and are lightweight due to the nylon material. Currently available in three sizes, the hammocks are 10 feet in length and can safely hold up to 400 lbs. ENO hammocks are also available in various colors.

Straus claims that her favorite place to hammock is anywhere by the water. Students have been seen relaxing in their hammocks by the waterfall at Chewacla State Park, a local hotspot for those who love the outdoors.

“I got mine at the AU bookstore,” Straus said. “You can find them at just about any outdoors store and they aren’t too expensive, especially if you use it as often as I do.”

ENO hammocks are currently swinging from trees all over Auburn. According to Straus, unless the trees suddenly disappear, this isn’t a trend that will die out anytime soon.

“I think eventually they’re going to have another type of brand,” Straus said. “Everybody’s got their ENO, but I feel like sooner or later there’s going to be something new and trendy.”

The nylon trend can be found locally at Kinnucan’s, the AU bookstore, Dick’s sporting goods, other outdoor store locations or online

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