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Hard Work Conquers All: Auburn Student Launches Clothing Brand

It is no secret that college is a juggling act. Every day, students struggle to balance the numerous time commitments crammed into their demanding schedules. While to some the thought of starting a business while attending college is seemingly impossible, one Auburn student has managed to turn this dream into a reality.

Michael Powers, a senior graphic design student at Auburn University, took a giant leap of faith this fall as he launched his first clothing line, LOV Apparel. While products will not be available for purchase until the end of the year, this affordable athletic apparel brand boasts pieces that are simple, fresh and well designed. Products include tank tops, stringers, shirts, pullovers, sweatshirts, raglans, joggers, shorts, sports bras, socks and wristbands, with prices ranging from $18.00 to $40.00.

The inspiration behind LOV Apparel can be found in the gym. Powers, an avid gym-goer, combined his extensive design skills with his passion for fitness in order to create a brand that can satisfy the needs of a very specific group of consumers.

“I saw a problem with the clothes that were being worn in the gym. The loud colors and graphics just didn’t fit my taste. I wanted to create something with my own personal style,” Powers said. “Another thing that plays a large role in LOV is that I wanted to create clothes that look great inside and outside of the gym. Many of the neon-colored garments that one sees at the gym just don’t work well as street-wear.”

Powers named his athletic apparel brand LOV, an acronym derived from the Latin phrase “Hard Work Conquers All”. After dedicating himself to fitness two years ago, Powers says he found that the mantra “Hard Work Conquers All” is relatable to consumers everywhere.

“My fitness transformation brought on a whole new mindset that as long as I continue to put in time and work hard, that I will not only reach my goals, but surpass them by a great margin,” Powers said. “So through LOV, I want to convey that message to everyone that we come in contact with. As long as you have a relentless work ethic and patience, you will accomplish whatever it is that you set out to do.”

Powers credits his Auburn University education as an invaluable tool in developing his brand, acknowledging that having a formal education in design has been instrumental in saving time and money.

For more information, check out LOV Apparel’s website.

Photos: Michael Powers

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