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"Hey Day is a uniquely Auburn tradition. It is a special one because it devotes one day to simply celebrating the spirit that unifies us all into one Auburn Family," Rebekah Kennedy, Director of Hey Day, said.

A simple “hey” to a fellow student or faculty member has the power to bring Auburn closer together.

Saying “hey” is encouraged each year on Hey Day. This day, put on each year by The Student Government Association (SGA), fosters friendships, builds community, and creates an environment that is warm and welcoming. Auburn’s spirit and friendliness are known across the nation, and Hey Day serves as a way to continually build that spirit and community.

“One of my favorite parts about Auburn is the friendly atmosphere, so traditions like Hey Day just make me love this school even more,” Zach Eikost, an Auburn student, said.

This friendly tradition roots all the way back to the 1940’s during WWII. The original purpose of the tradition was to unite the student body after veterans returned to school from the war.  Today, however, it a fun-filled day that celebrates the Auburn Family.

Each year, volunteers and members of SGA pass out name tags throughout campus.  Students and faculty members wear these name tags during the day so that can call each other by name and say “hey” as they pass by.

“I love that we wear name tags on Hey Day,” Lanie Blocksidge, an Auburn student, said. “Being able to call someone by name makes saying “hey” a little more personal.”

In addition to saying “hey,” food from local businesses is served and entertainment is provided on the green space by multiple student organizations and Aubie.

“Hey Day is one of many Auburn traditions that really makes the students feel like they’re a part of the Auburn Family,” Lauren Youmans, an Auburn senior, said.

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