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Golf is not a cheap sport. After paying for cart fees, greens fees, balls and tees a day on the links can burn a whole in anyone's wallet. For an Auburn student trying to get by, it is important to know where to find the best deals.

Robert Trent Jones at Grand National, Indian Pines, Auburn Links at Mill Creek and The Greens are all public courses in the Auburn area. These courses are open to anyone and offer different types of play to golfers.

Robert Trent Jones at Grand National is the nicest public course in Auburn. The course is one of 11 locations on the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail and is located 15 minutes outside of Auburn.

18 holes at RTJ costs around $60, depending on the time of year. RTJ is the premier public course in Auburn for someone who does not mind the price. RTJ also offers a beautiful and affordable driving range to players for only $6.

Indian Pines and the Auburn Links at Mill Creek are cheaper alternatives to RTJ. While they are not on the same level of RTJ in terms of quality, the prices are more catered to a college student's budget. Both Indian Pines and Auburn Links are playable for under $50.

The Links charges a regular rack rate of $44 for 18 holes and a cart. However a student looking to save can walk nine holes at the Links for only $17. Indian Pines charges $40 for 18 holes on weekends, $34 for students, $28 for 18 holes during the week and only $14 to walk nine. Both these courses are high quality and fun to play, however after the greens fees and cart fees, there is little money left for snacks and beer on the course.

The Greens on South College is the most cost-effective place to play in Auburn. Walking nine is only $10 and riding 18 is only $32. The Greens is a nine-hole course, but they allow players to bring their own beer and snacks. The course quality is worse than Indian Pines or the Links, but for a college student trying to have fun on the course, the Greens at Auburn cannot be beat.

Students in Auburn of all skill levels can enjoy a round of golf at these courses. Whether it is pristine greens, a nice driving range or the option bring a personal cooler, the course around Auburn have something for everyone who loves the sport of golf.


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