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Fall is here and with it brings scarves, fallen leaves and the smell of
a turkeys roasting in ovens. Thanksgiving is a holiday meant to be spent
at home with family, reminiscing about old times and reminding each
other of how happy you are to be with one another. But what if your home
was 918 miles away? This is the case for many of Auburn’s out-of-state
students, but junior exercise science major Cyndi Hinchman is determined
to have a wonderful Thanksgiving right here on the plains.

Hinchman was born and raised in Chicago, Ill which is about a 14 hour
drive from Auburn, a trip she is sad she wouldn’t be able to make this year.
“I have so much going on with school and stuff that it just wasn’t
going to happen,” Hinchman said. “Plus my family is so spread out now.”
Hinchman’s mother lives in Florida and her father resides in Birmingham.
“I do wish we could all get together for the holidays still though.”

Hinchman fondly remembers what Thanksgiving was like growing up. “My
entire family always went to my grandmother’s house and we would all
bring something different,” she said. “Then after dinner all the kids
would stay up late and play games. My favorite part though was when my
uncle would play his guitar and we would all sing. It was right out of a
holiday movie.”

This Thanksgiving will be quite different from the feast and musical
Hinchman use to experience, but she is looking forward to it. “My dad is
coming to town to celebrate the holiday with me and my sister Christy,”
Hinchman said. She explained that her father will cook the turkey and
ham and she and her sister would be in charge of everything else. “We
love to cook together, but this will be my first time being partly in
charge of a holiday meal. I can say that I am going to make a delicious
pie for dessert.”

Hinchman said that this Thanksgiving will make her more thankful than
most have in the past. “You get so used to certain traditions that it is
really sad when that has to change,” Hinchman said. “That change though
has shown me just how thankful I am to have my father and sister in town
with me for the holidays.” Hinchman joked that it is probably for the
best that it will just be the three of them here in Auburn, “I really
wish all my family could be here, but my house and kitchen just isn’t
big enough for that.”

Whether you will be spending Thanksgiving in the comfort of your
extended family or, like Cyndi, will be having a quiet, cozy dinner on
the plains; remember that no matter where you are the leaves are
falling, the gloves are coming out and turkey tastes great in any state.
Happy Thanksgiving Auburn Family.

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