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Honorable Tradition on Auburn University’s Campus

Tradition. This is a word that Auburn University students hear quite frequently throughout their academic journey. As a freshman, students are informed of the traditions that Auburn University is built upon and the importance of tradition to the Auburn University family.

The University Honors College at Auburn is a representation of one of the many traditions that can be found on campus. Established in 1979 and located in the old president’s mansion, Cater Hall, the University Honors College has been an Auburn tradition for 30 years.

James Hansen, Director of the Honors College, finds his job rewarding to be able to work with Honors College students. “Seeing what students have achieved in their four years at Auburn and what they have benefitted from what we have offered them is the most rewarding.”

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Whether you are a current or prospective Auburn student, you can become a member of the prestigious Honors College and receive a unique academic experience. As a member of the Honors College, students benefit from being placed in the optimum teaching and learning environment.

“Not only do students in the Honors College benefit from classes taught in small sections by professorial faculty, but they benefit by becoming more aware of the resources that Auburn University offers,” said Hansen. “By becoming more aware of these resources, students are able to maximize what Auburn has to offer.”

Entering freshmen and currently enrolled Auburn students are eligible for admission to the Honors College based on their outstanding academic achievements. The minimum requirements for admission are a high school grade point average of 3.5, an ACT score of 29 or an SAT score of 1280. Currently enrolled Auburn students who have a 3.4 cumulative unadjusted grade point average can apply by contacting the University Honors College office at 334-844-5860.

With an increasing number of incoming freshmen each year on Auburn University’s campus, the Honors College has doubled in the last four years. “Last year we had 540 entering freshmen, which was the largest by far, but this year we have 700 students in the freshman class with a total of 1,700 active students,” said Hansen.

The Honors College Curriculum consists of two programs, the Junior Honors and Senior Honors Programs. The Junior Honors Program is a basic program that provides students with an honors version of the Auburn University core curriculum, while the Senior Honors Program allows students to advance into their own majors by taking advantage of research opportunities. Honors students receive a certificate after completing the curriculum in each program.

“The Honors Curriculum is not harder, it is just different,” said Hansen. Drawing on the established Auburn University tradition, the Honors College is designed for students who are capable of academic excellence. So, if you are up for a challenge and want to become part of the honorable tradition on campus, join the University Honors College at Auburn and look forward to a brighter future.

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