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Honors Fraternity Seeks to Gain New Membership

The beginning of a semester is the perfect time for Auburn students to find new programs, clubs and activities to get involved in. With more than 300 organizations on campus, it’s easy to get lost finding a good fit. In these next few weeks, National Honor Fraternity Phi Sigma Pi seeks to prove their worth to hundreds of students during their Spring Rush.

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Phi Sigma Pi has been a part of Auburn University’s organizations since their re-charter in 2007. The fraternity is co-educational and open to undergraduate students who have completed a semester of college work (12 hours) and have a minimum 3.0 grade point average.

The requirements of an honors society but the workings of a greek organization makes Phi Sigma Pi the only club of it’s kind on Auburn’s campus.

Brandon Smith, president of Phi Sigma Pi, hopes to use the uniqueness of their organization to recruit new members throughout the next few weeks.

“This isn’t the type of honors society where you sign your name on a piece of paper and you’re through,” said Smith. “This is a commitment of your time to service, scholarship, leadership and fellowship - we look for people who are willing to make this commitment through our rush process.”

The fraternity goes through two rush cycles: one in the fall and one in the spring. Recruitment Advisor Adair Raybon has been planning the rush events for months, saying that spring rush has to accommodate a much larger surge of students than the Fall.

“We see around 400 students through this rush, which is double what we have in the fall,” said Raybon. “This is because spring is when Freshman students have completed a semester already and are finally eligible to rush. Freshman are always looking for things to get involved; we really have so many of them come out in the spring.”

This semester, the fraternity’s rush features a Las Vegas theme, centering around gaming and socialization.

“To kick off the week we are having ‘Family Game Night’ on campus for the rushees to come play games with our Brothers,” said Raybon. “We’ll be playing old school board games like Clue and Guess Who - I think it makes people feel comfortable and be able to get to know each other better. We want to make sure the rushees are a good fit for us, and want them to see if they see themselves as a part of our Fraternity.”

After each formal rush, members of Phi Sigma Pi vote on who will be invited back, slowly depleting the hundreds of rushing students to a select few.

“We look for about 30 students to initiate who embody everything that our fraternity is, ” said Raybon. “We want brothers who are smart, want to help the community and have great personalities.”

Smith says rushing four years ago as a Freshman was one of the most rewarding things he has ever done.

“The friendships I made through this Fraternity is irreplaceable,” said Smith. “This is an organization that rewards you with so many great opportunities and memories to last a lifetime.”

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