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Finding a job is not easy. With the recent slumps in the American economy, college students are finding themselves on the wrong end of the job spectrum. While President Obama and his administration work to create more jobs and better the economy, it is up to today’s college graduate to work hard for the position of their dreams. It may seem impossible, but many students are finding new ways to generate leads, network and ultimately lockdown a full-time job.


“Networking is the most important thing,” said Blake Thomas, a graduate from Auburn University. “I asked everyone I met for their business card and if I could call them about job opportunities, most of them said yes but a few did turn me down.” Thomas now works in Atlanta, just months after his graduation.


The idea of networking is simple and has proven to be effective in generating job opportunities. Talking to people currently working and showing them an interest in finding a job can create a relationship that can lead to interviews. Businesses want to see that applicants want the job more than they need it. The work ethic used to get a job is an indication of how that applicant will perform in the position.


In addition to person-to-person networking, social media has become a useful tool for college students searching for jobs. Sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have ways for job seekers to become connected to those looking to hire. LinkedIn allows users to upload a résumé and portfolio so that businesses will be able to instantly view the qualifications.


Using the Internet to find jobs has become one of the most common ways for job seekers to find potential employers. It is a fast way to reach out to millions of businesses around the world. The negative of Internet job hunting is the lack of personal contact.


Following the application, many students have a hard time with interviewing and resume building. On-campus offices like Auburn’s Office of Professional and Career Development will help critique resumes and mock interview students so that they are prepared.


Carolyn Rush, senior studying Public Relations at Auburn had a similar experience and will be moving to Washington D.C. after graduation in May to begin working in consulting. “The interview process can be intimidating but as long as you are confident and truthful you will end up with eh job you are supposed to have,” Rush said. “I feel so fortunate to have a job after school.”


Although the economy is not in students’ favor, there is still hope. With a strong work ethic, networking and using the Internet it is possible for students today to find jobs before they graduate.

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