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According to the Auburn University website, study abroad is a student's pursuit of educational opportunities in other countries. This experience enhances the academic, personal and professional development of those who participate.




Auburn University English major, Sarah Cook, chose to study abroad through the University of Georgia's "UGA at Oxford" program, but still had Auburn’s help during her decision making process.


“During my college search process I applied to UGA and heard a lot about their ‘UGA at Oxford’ program,” said Cook.


“ Though I chose Auburn over the University of Georgia, the program always stuck in my mind because I thought that it would be so amazing to study at Oxford.”


Cook said that she wasn't exactly sure if it was the right fit for her and the Auburn Abroad Office informed her on the many study abroad options offered by Auburn, UGA and provider companies.


Being an English education major, Cook said that she felt it was no better place to learn all about English literature than England. She enjoyed being able to study authors, go visit the places they lived and then go to the places where they drew their inspiration. 


“ I have always wanted to go to England, and I knew that studying abroad would be a great way to see the things I wanted to see while still earning credit,” said Cook.


“ My parents encouraged me to take advantage of the opportunity to travel while I was still in school and not tied down to a regular job or real world concerns. They were so amazing to provide me with the opportunity, and I'm so glad they did.”


The UGA program was offered exactly when Cook needed to go and she said she also liked that their program was three months instead of six months or a year.


“During the spring of my sophomore year, my three months were broken up into two sections,” said Cook.


“ The first four weeks I took two seminar classes with other students on the UGA program, which consisted of one English Literature course and one History course. The last eight weeks of the program were spent in Oxford style tutorials.”


Cook said that studying abroad helped her as a student by teaching her the real meaning of independent study and one-on-one time with instructor.


She said that it also prepared her as a future English teacher by allowing her to actually see the places that she may get to tell her students about.


“I want my students to know that literature is not just old books written by old people, but actual places and things and people and emotions,” said Cook


“ I think it will help them to have a teacher who has done and seen those things and who is really passionate about what she is teaching.” 


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