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Students frequently eat out in downtown Auburn. While it is great that students are enjoying themselves, eating out can cause you to miss out on a fully nourishing meal. Do not worry, there are some simple ways to make your restaurant experience a nutritious one. 


Hit the Food Groups

Annie Penrose, graduate assistant and registered dietician at Auburn University, recommends hitting at least three of the five food groups. The groups are fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy and protein.

“There is no perfect meal other than making it as balanced as possible,” says Penrose. “Eating more than one food group you will feel more satiated than if you just had a meal with one thing on the plate.”

Check out to help you with eating a well-balanced meal.


Moderation is Key! 

Want pizza on Friday night? Not to worry! Annie says she 100% believes in moderation. Add veggies to your pizza! “It is not perfect nutrition, but small changes like that can help add nutrition to your plate,” says Penrose.  

“We are constantly looking at our plates and thinking what can I take away to make this healthier,” says Penrose. “I tell people to look at their plate and say how can I make this more nutritious."

Penrose stresses balance.  If you want the fries, then get the fries! However, adding a side of vegetables or fruit will only help you.

(Photo: McKenzie Altman)

Follow Annie's Restaurant Tips

 “If you are eating out every single meal that is when you have to adjust something and figure that you need to find places with healthier options,” says Penrose.

Annie’s Restaurant Tips:

  1. Drink water or milk, avoid the sodas and sweetened beverages.
  2. Choose the whole grain option when offered.
  3. Go for grilled items rather than fried.
  4. Add a side of fruits or vegetables.
  5. Ask for the dressing and sauce on the side.
  6. Take home the meal, many restaurants serve larger portions.
  7. Eat slowly! 

Find a Healthier Option


Auburn University nutrition student, Katie Dennis, recommends Tazikis for healthy eating in Auburn. 

“I always feel good about my choices after eating there, they have really good salmon,” says Dennis.


Auburn senior nursing student, Kathleen Kinnebrew, likes the chicken kabobs with a side salad and side of vegetables.

“I like Zoes because it is a healthy option, and they always have such fresh ingredients,” says Kinnebrew.



The Wellness Kitchen

The Auburn University Wellness Kitchen is open to the public and students. They make it easy for students to create a healthy meal and hit all of the food groups. 

Katherine Sharpton, a junior fashion merchandising student at Auburn University, is a frequent customer. "Wellness has a huge selection of fruits, vegetables and proteins," says Sharpton. "There are always about three options for each." 

(Photo: McKenzie Altman)

If you want to learn about making an appointment with an Auburn University dietician, visit for more information.


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