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How To Decorate Your Dorm Room On A Budget

As most college students know, living in a dorm room is quite the experience. The white washed walls and dorm room furniture lack any personality, making them boring and bland. But with just a little creativity and not a lot of money, you can bring ample amounts of fun, color and style to your dorm room!


Hang light strands on your walls

This is a perfect way to bring some brightness into your room without having to turn on the harsh overhead lighting. You can purchase strands of lights from any hardware store (like Lowes or Home Depot) for around $15. To make the hanging part easy, you can buy Command Strip hooks made specifically for light strands for $8 per pack.


Make a picture wall to display all your favorite photos

Nothing makes a dorm room more personal than pictures! Creating a display of pictures on your wall is a great way to maximize the space and put up as many pictures as you want. You can hang pictures using a bulletin board or picture frames, but you can also try something modern by hanging multiple pictures from wire lines. All you need is some Command Strip hooks, gardening wire and clothes pins to create a clean looking picture wall.


Add some greenery to your room

Plants are a perfect way to add some color and life to your room. Grab some flowers from the local farmer’s market or grocery store for a quick pick-me-up that will brighten up your room. If you’re not up for a lot of responsibility, I would suggest getting a Jade plant. This plant is a succulent that has little care and stays alive for years. You just have to keep it in a relatively sunny room and water it every so often.

Add a colorful rug to bring a pop of color

One thing is for sure, the flooring in a dorm room can look dingy from all the wear and tear over the years. One way to hide this while adding a bit of your own style is to add an area rug. However, area rugs can be expensive. It really depends on where you buy them. But if you take some time to get crafty, you can create an area rug that cost you almost nothing. A braided t-shirt rug is an inexpensive and crafty way to brighten up your space! You can find direction for these almost anywhere on the internet.  By using your old t-shirt, you free up space in your closet and bring some color to your room!

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