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How to Thrive… Not Just Survive… your Freshman Year

1. Get involved, but not too involved.
It happened to the best of us. We walked down the concourse on O Days and couldn’t resist signing up for every single club. After about a month we realized that there was no way we could keep up with the demands of being a full time student and attending five extracurricular meetings a week between intramural games. My advice to you is to pick one or two organizations and focus on those. You will thrive in the areas where you dedicate your time so choose wisely!

2. Bond with your roommate.
Make an effort to get to know your roommate. College is the perfect time to meet new people. You will introduce your roommate to new people and he or she will do the same for you. Confide in one another. Chances are you are both probably going through many of the same things and it can be nice to know you’re not alone. Go out of your way to do something nice for him or her like vacuum or bring home their favorite side from Panda. A little kindness can go a long way and chances are they will probably do something like that to brighten up one of your rainy days.

3. Study!
This seems like a no-brainer but coming to college and having all of this “free time” can completely throw off any old study habits you formed in high school. Figure out where you study best and block out times every week to go there and get things accomplished. You will be so happy when you aren’t trying to read four chapters the night before a test.

4. Don’t forget to call home.
Going to college wasn’t just an adjustment for you; it was an adjustment for your whole family. No matter how close to or far away you are from home things changed when you left.  A simple text or phone call to your parents, siblings, or grandparents can make their day. The thirty seconds that it takes you to compose that text message or leave that voicemail can make home not seem so far away.

5. Remember that it’s okay to ask for help.
It’s okay to not know how to handle every situation that the independence that comes with coming to college brings. Ask upper classmen for advice on classes or organizations. Talk to your professor if you’re having problems. If you put yourself out there and are honest, someone will lend you a helping hand or words of priceless advice.

6. Enjoy it!
Before you know if you'll be registering for your last semester of classes, going to your last football game, or picking up your cap and gown! So soak up every single second because it goes by way too fast.  

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