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Humans of Auburn: Inspired by Humans of New York

AUBURN UNIVERSITY- Humans of Auburn, a relatively new student media organization, shares the stories of the diversified members of Auburn, Alabama. 

Humans of Auburn was inspired by Humans of New York, a social media page that provides viewers a daily glimpse into the lives of different people in New York City.  The social media sites provide photographs of different members of the community along with quotes or short stories from their lives. 

Started by Auburn University's former Human Touch FLP group in spring 2014, the organization intends to promote diversity in the city of Auburn.  Human Touch FLP was the diversity Freshman Leadership Program at Auburn University.

"We want to highlight something different than the stereotypical Auburn demographic.  What you would typically think of as an Auburn inhabitant isn't your typical Auburn inhabitant," said Carrie Culwell, vice president of Humans of Auburn.

The members of Humans of Auburn pick an area of Auburn that they want to observe individuals and then approach them and ask them if they may take a photograph of them and document a quote about themselves.  The organization respects the privacy of individuals and has taken photos of individuals shoes, backs, hands, etc. to conceal their identity if requested.  

"At first I looked for people that stood out, but some of my most interesting stories have come from completely ordinary people," said Cynthia Williford, public relations chair of Humans of Auburn.

Humans of Auburn has reached more than 2,500 likes on Facebook.  

"It is great to see people's feedback towards Humans of Auburn.  It lets people know there are others who they can relate to, when they may not feel like there are," said Tomi Obebe, president and founder of Humans of Auburn.  

"I like the perspective it gives.  It sheds new light on certain things.  For the members of the group, it has allowed us to become more outgoing and truth-seeking individuals," said Culwell. 

Humans of Auburn aims to break down barriers and highlight individuals of all ages and backgrounds in the Auburn area.

Humans of Auburn can be viewed and followed on their Facebook page at Humans of Auburn.  

They are also on Instagram at Humans of Auburn Instagram.  (Photo below via their Instagram account.)

For more information about Humans of New York, visit Humans of New York.

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