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I am a Wife, Mother and Accounting Student. I Am Auburn

College students are forced to juggle everything from being involved in different organizations to class schedules, and also from jobs to social lives. However, few students have being a wife and mother on their daily to-do list.

Mackenzie Gilmer is the proud mother of Emma Gilmer, wife of Weston Gilmer and a full-time student majoring in accounting.

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She took this past fall semester off for maternity leave and her class schedule this year has included intermediate accounting, business calculus two, principles of management, a computer class and finance.

Her husband is also a full-time student majoring in exercise science and a member of the Auburn baseball team.

"We carefully planned out our classes this semester so that one of us could be home at all times because we didn't want to have Emma in daycare," Gilmer explains.

The Gilmers were able to find schedules that met their course requirement and allowed them to be home whenever necessary. "Also Wes' mom comes on Thursdays and that has been a huge blessing to us," Gilmer adds.

Upon finding out she was pregnant, she said that it was never a question of if she would finish school but when she would finish.

"I always knew I wanted a career, but having a baby has made me realize how important it is for my family." Gilmer goes on to explain that she now works harder on her studies and the Auburn staff has been accommodating in helping keep her on track.

"From the advisors to my professors, everyone at Auburn has been so encouraging and my advisor and I have worked out a schedule that will allow me to graduate next year," Gilmer says.

The Gilmer's plan to both graduate from Auburn University and make it their permanent home where they can raise Emma in the community they love.

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