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Auburn students are notoriously hard workers. They balance school with club memberships, football season, intramural sports and socializing. Many of them also take on a part-time job to gain experience or a little extra cash, which adds to the constant juggling of activities. How do they do it? It’s not easy – but it does give them some extra skills that will be invaluable upon graduation.

The job possibilities for those interested can seem endless. There are on-campus jobs, off-campus jobs, co-ops and internships to choose from. All it takes is a little bit of research, networking and motivation, and a part-time job could be yours.

Patrick Ratliff, a senior majoring in psychology at Auburn, has held three jobs while being a college student. “I worked in customer service for a year, then worked on-campus in orientation for two years, and now I’m an advisor at the library,” said Ratliff.

He enjoys working on-campus more than off-campus, as it’s convenient, less demanding and allows him to spend more time on campus as a student. His advice to other students who are working or considering taking a job is to be efficient and manage time well.

“Make sure work never comes before school. You’re a student and you’re here for school, so make sure to give it priority,” said Ratliff. “Just be organized, and know what your obligations are every day and every week.”

I work at a public relations, marketing and design studio in Auburn as a public relations intern. I decided to pursue a job related to my major because I wanted to gain experience that simply being in a classroom couldn’t give me. It can be tough to work three days a week on top of taking classes and being involved in various organizations, but because I am passionate about all of them and want to serve them all well, I use my planner and time management skills to make sure I get everything done.

There are many perks of having a job while simultaneously being a college student:

• You get to meet new people.
• You gain invaluable working experience.
• You make money (most of the time!)
• You learn time management.
• You begin to find out what you like and dislike in the workplace – which can help you in your career search in the future.

These perks, along with many more, can come with a few negatives – such as being extremely busy, adding stress, or not getting along with an employer or coworker. However, it’s important to learn what you like and dislike about a job and the workplace, because whatever job you get after college will be one where you’ll have to stick around for a while – so you should make sure that you enjoy it!

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