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Industrial Design Students Hangout at Music Festival

Auburn industrial design students have gotten the opportunity to take their talents to Gulf Shores to work with one of the largest music festivals in the country at Hangout Music Festival. 

Their skills and design knowledge were really put to the test as they were assigned a major task that they did not know about until they arrived to the beach.

“During the school year we worked [with Hangout] on a recycling project and then we thought that’s what we were going to do when we got there,” said Colin Hennessey, senior industrial design major. “But when we got there they ended up having a completely different task for us.”

Nine Auburn students were responsible for designing and building cell phone charging stations throughout all of the VIP areas at last year’s Hangout Music Festival. The students worked on installing more than 25 charging stations throughout the site in less than five days.

“While I was there I had vintage radios that I turned into cell phone charging stations to put in all of the artists’ trailers and where artists are with all of the catering,” Hennessey said. “Basically they just told us to go to Home Depot to get the supplies for it and build them from scratch, so that’s what we did.”

Although the time constraint was the most difficult part about this design challenge, working on strict deadlines is not foreign to Auburn industrial design students.

“We always work under specific time constraints that aren’t usually long,” Hennessey said. “(Auburn Industrial Design) taught us how to get through a process efficiently. If we didn’t know how to design efficiently and get through that then there’s no way we would be able to get the stuff done with the time that we were given.” 

At the 2015 Hangout Music Festival from May 15-17, there will be about 10 Auburn industrial design students interning there, some new and some returning for a second consecutive year. 

According to Hennessey, this year will be different because last semester students worked in another studio sponsored by Hangout and they are expecting to be building all the concepts they have already worked on, which are solar powered cell phone charging stations. (pictured to the left)

“This studio was all solar power and different means of manual kinetic energy versus just electric power and having an extension cord run with it,” Hennessey said. “So we came up with new designs with cell phone charging stations more for the public to use and not the VIP areas.”

This internship not only helped students like Hennessey find a job after graduation, but also gave them a fun experience that not many students have the chance to do. 

“It helped me on my resume, having stuff that I’ve designed for major companies is huge,” Hennessey said. “Not just us, it helped with other interns that didn’t do design stuff. There are multiple people that interned at this festival that have jobs with the companies they worked with during the festival. It was just a really great experience.”

(Photos: Used with permission. Contributed by Colin Hennessey)

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