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Auburn University’s nationally ranked undergraduate interior design program in the  College of Human Sciences is continuing to draw in students from around the country for its national reputation and astounding job placement rate.

Ranked ninth in the nation for America’s best architecture and design schools by DesignIntelligence in 2015 (ranked first in 2012) and having a 100 percent job placement rate upon graduation for the last five years, it is clear to see why one interested in studying interior design would highly consider attending Auburn University.

Senior Christina Douglass credits the renowned program for equipping her to enter the professional world of interior design at ease.

“Our program has prepared me with the cutting edge skills necessary to seamlessly transition into the interior design field,” said Douglass.

Under the Department of Consumer and Design Sciences, the College of Human Sciences’ interior design program is accredited within the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA), which means students can be confident that the curriculum meets professional standards for quality and career preparation. DesignIntelligence also ranked the program as one of the “most admired” interior design programs in the nation in 2014.

After completing university and human sciences core requirements, pre-interior design students’ curriculum begins with learning technical elements of design such as color theory and interior materials and components and becomes more specialized as they proceed further into the program.

In order to even be considered into the program, students must first spend one year (2 semesters) as a pre-interior design student and complete various projects based upon the fundamentals of design principles and technical drawing. At the end of the two semesters, students submit their work and a panel decides who will be accepted into the program. It varies each year, but approximately 30 students are accepted. 

Once accepted into the program, students are required to have six to eight hours of weekly in-class time plus a minimum of four hours of outside studio time. Current students report having very limited time for work and social/extracurricular activities.

“I often make a list of what I have accomplished by the end of each day. It breaks everything down and makes the workload easier to tackle,” said Douglass. “As a design major, you ultimately have to be extremely passionate about what you do and know how to operate on very little sleep. 

Because of the required studio time, students are able to further develop their design and presentation skills and are guaranteed to leave Auburn with an impressive work portfolio to showcase to future employers.

“Although interior design is time-consuming and challenging at times, it is comforting to know that I am getting a valuable education doing what I love,” said Douglass.


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