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Interior Design Intrigue: Students Who Design the Extra Step to Success

Auburn University’s interior design program provides unique and challenging opportunities to dedicated students in the College of Human Sciences major. One student in particular has seized these opportunities to get ahead and succeed in interior design.

Tessa Urovsky knew in fifth grade that she wanted to follow in her mother’s footsteps and pursue a career in interior design. She chose to attend Auburn University for its prestigious interior design program. Urovsky is now in her senior year.

“The staff in Auburn’s program do a fantastic job preparing students for what it will be like working in the field,” said Urovsky. “I think what really sets us apart is our knowledge and advanced skills in computer programs like AutoCAD, Sketchup and Photoshop, as well as the staff’s dedication to continuing the reputation of the program.”

Interior design students are given the opportunities to showcase their skills through challenging and comprehensive projects. “We work on a wide variety of projects throughout the year that put all of our skills into play,” said Urovsky. “My favorite project so far was my sophomore year, we had the opportunity to create a retail store of our choice from start to finish. I loved being able to create 3D renderings of a space and bring the ideas in my head into a real, visual perspective.”

Additionally, the interior design program takes an extra step in preparing students for the future with real world examples and experiences outside of Auburn’s campus. The program has taken students on trips to Nashville, Tenn., Roswell, Ga.  and Atlanta, Ga. to tour historic homes, hospitality firms and large scale restaurants and hotels to understand the different sorts of projects they could be working on later in their careers.

This December, the College of Human Sciences will host the International Quality of Life awards in New York City, N.Y. Through these awards CHS honors people and partnerships who have made significant and lasting contributions to individual, family, and community well-being locally and around the world. The interior design program is taking part in this event and will bring selected students to attend the annual event.

Urovsky is one of 25 students from the college selected to attend the event. The selected group of students endured an essay application and interviews to be able to participate in this unique experience. While in New York, the students will be ambassadors at the event and visit numerous places in the city that relate to their majors. 

Interior design students are given numerous rare opportunities to succeed, but they have to work hard to keep up. “The most challenging aspect of this major is time management. Balancing work, football, social life and other classes is difficult with our short deadlines. We have to be mindful of upcoming projects, because it always takes longer than expected” said Urovsky. “We always have to be one step ahead.”

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