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Internet Takeover :: New School vs. Old School

Today, Auburn University is ranked amongst the best universities in the nation. It has accomplished this feat by having one of the best educational systems money can buy. Auburn has always been known for its exceptional educational system, but this didn’t come without many changes.

In the past ten years, the internet has pretty much become the medium for much of our communication. To me, this form of communication is most prevalent on college campuses, especially for Auburn University. ‘Back in the day,’ college used to be all about pen, paper, and books. Now, if a student is writing or merely reading, it’s mainly done on some sort of electronic device. It wasn’t like this ten years ago and I know I am not the only student/faculty who knows this.

When I was at Marion Military Institute, it was hard for me to see the full extent of the “internet takeover.” Marion used very ‘old-school’ methods of communication. It didn’t have Blackboard or Canvas, or even a functional e-mail system. The students were forced to do much of their school business by using the old hand-carry system. Sure, it was difficult at first but we got used to it. It was a very eye-opening experience when I started to use Auburn’s style of communication.

Not only are the students aware of the internet takeover but the faculty as well. Dr. Robert Agne, a professor for over nine years part of which have been spent at Auburn University, has stated, “I have noticed a big change from the internet. It wasn’t a quick change, but a gradual change over the last ten years.”

Dr. Agne’s teaching style is, in my mind, very unique to Auburn. He does use canvas, but he doesn’t allow for any kind of electronic note taking in his class. He will literally kick you out of his class if he sees any kind of electronic device being used.  “The administrative staff at AU is pushing for more things to be put on the internet,” Dr. Agne said. He doesn’t care for this much. Dr. Agne has a very old-school way of teaching that you don’t see much anymore.

With the implementation of more and more internet content, will normal face-to-face communication become less and less? Maybe it will, but it comes down to our generation. Are we going to move everything we do to the internet, even though we know that anything electronic can fail? Who knows...we might actually go back to the old way in the coming years. There’s no telling what the future will hold.

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