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Intramural sports are a popular past time for students at Auburn University. Each fall and spring there are a variety of sports offered from softball, basketball, volleyball and the always popular flag football.

In the fall, Auburn University can’t get enough football. Campus Recreation and intramural sports give students the opportunity to get on the field and score the winning touchdown for their team.

“It’s really all about the t-shirt,” head coach Hayden Harrelson said. “The winning team gets shirts and those are pretty popular at Auburn.”

There are seven categories students can play in and more than 100 teams. Hundreds of students turn out to participate each week. Intramural flag football kicks off in September and playoffs continue through October.

Auburn junior Hannah Britton has been playing flag football for Alpha Gamma Delta
since her freshmen year. “It has been such a fun bonding experience for me and the rest of the girls,” Britton said. “You would be surprised how competitive a team of girls can be when we go out there we want to win and it’s a great way to let off stress from school.”

Any current student is eligible to play intramural sports at Auburn. The intramural staff will find a team for anyone who wants to play. Fans are also welcome to come cheer on family and friends.

“Football fever is in the air during the fall semester so I think that’s why flag football is so popular,” Britton said.

Intramurals can get heated just like any other competitive sport. The intramural staff and campus recreation does a great job of staffing and referring each game.

“I am so lucky to be apart of intramurals at Auburn,” Harrelson said. “At first I thought it was going to be more challenging, but it’s very rewarding because we just go out there and have fun with it.”

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