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Intramural Sports Give “Used to Be” Athletes Another Chance to Play

Let’s be honest. You miss practice. You miss the court, the dugout and rounding the bases and scoring the goals and running in the touchdowns. We all miss it.

For most of us, sports were a huge aspect of our lives at some point or another, whether we spent the summer with rec teams around the county or the long afternoons of practice that turned into nights in high school. Sports have been an inevitable part of a majority of our lives.

As for students at Auburn University, the sports they attend as fans are just easy to take part in. With bowling, sand volleyball, and other sports you may not have had a chance to play as a kid, Auburn University offers a diverse range of intramural to choose from. Of course, you can always choose to stick to the classic sports like basketball, softball or soccer.

"My favorite thing would be getting to play sports with your friends and actually getting to create your own team," says Cecily Sloan, a member of "Saved by the Bench" intramural women's basketball team.

Not only will you get to relish the feeling of being overwhelmingly out of shape, but you will get to laugh about it with old and new friends struggling to relive their glory days alongside.

“I love it,” says Alex Roth of intramural and getting another chance of playing sports after high school. “It's a good extracurricular activity to get to do with your friends. It's a good way to stay active after high school definitely if you played sports in high school.”

There are so many teams to sign up for if you are looking to join intramural. With co-ed teams available for almost any sport, there are a variety of team types to choose from. You could even choose a sport you never got to try before college.

“My favorite intramural season is Ultimate Frisbee. I had never heard of Ultimate (Frisbee) until college, but a lot of my friends play on the club team. Once I started learning about the sport, I loved actually getting to play,” says quadruple intramural, sport-star Peyton Hamby.

Hamby's intramural basketball team is one close to her heart for other reasons. “Three friends and I who have played basketball together since fourth grade get to play basketball again. It brings back so many good memories.”

Even if you don't particularly care to relive your glory days, you can always sign up for the other side and become a referee for intramural. Finally, you will get to dictate the game for others for a change! All details on training dates are here.

So to all possible and current students: if you are looking for a place to make new friends through the sports you already love, check out Auburn Intramural. You are almost guaranteed to find a spot on a team you will end up loving.

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