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Brooklyn Holt is a junior that is the textbook example of being involved and being passionate about each aspect of her positions. Holt is a journalism major and pursuing a general business minor. Currently, Holt holds 8 major positions on campus. (see right, Source: Brooklyn Holt)

Holt has been an Auburn University Marching Band Tiger Eyes Majorette for three years. The Tiger Eye Majorette Line is comprised of fourteen skilled young women that strives for a higher standard of performance, teamwork, and skill level to offer excellence for the marching band and Auburn fans. It is a high honor and privilege to be apart of the Tiger Eyes ensemble which is a visual part of the marching band. 

In 2017, Holt was awarded the title Miss Auburn University 2017 through the scholarship pageant where young women are judged in swimsuit, evening gown, talent, interview, and on-stage question. This pageant is a local preliminary to Miss Alabama in the Miss America system. Holt’s platform was “Raise Your Voice for Children” which supported Children’s Miracle Network. Miss Auburn University assists with other programs and events including: school assembly programs, media advertising, store openings, parades, celebrations, community events, and more. On October 9, 2017 Holt passed down the reigns to her successor, Karson Fair. (see left, Source: Brooklyn Holt)

Not only is Holt involved heavily in organizations on campus, but also heavily involved in educational and major-related organizations like being the communication assistant for the Auburn University Office of Undergraduate Research. Being the communication assistant, Holt gets to provide support for projects and activities related to fostering excellence in undergraduate education related to research and must have excellent writing, communication, and organizational skills.

Holt is a Supplemental Instructor which is where she gets to interact with her peers and provide regularly scheduled review session that are help one to three times a week. She is able to participate in this academic program because she has excelled in these courses in past semesters.

Holt expresses, “I have always been very involved and thrive most when I am busy.” To name a few more great organizations and positions Holt holds on campus includes: Student Eminent Society Vice President, Cardinal Key National Honor Society, Honors College Student and Ambassador. Holt enjoys staying busy because it forces her to prioritize her time well. 

Incoming freshman and current Auburn University students tend to feel overwhelmed or confused about what to be involved with since there are so many options on and off campus. Holt shares, “Don’t stretch yourself to thin. Every person has a different amount of involvement they can handle while maintaining academic excellence.” (see right, Source: Brooklyn Holt)

“Don’t take college too seriously,” said Holt. Creating to-do lists for each day and prioritizing your time from the beginning are strategies proven to work well for Holt. She is a goal-oriented individual and this helps her stay on track. Finding the perfect balance between academic, social aspects, and involvement in college takes some trial and error, but will eventually happen.

Holt continues, “College is after all a time to meet new people, discover who you are, and learn new skills to carry into you personal and professional journey.” Some great tips Holt shared was keeping an updated agenda and checking things off when you complete them will help you feel accomplished and on track. Scheduling classes early in the day is advantageous and provides you more time during the day to get this completed.

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