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The moment your heart starts racing when you see people in business suites walk out of the back door of Cater Hall is one every Auburn student knows. Our campus, fueled by involvement and traditions, has a unique way of welcoming new members into an organization: callouts.
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Callouts are held anytime an organization wants to announce the new members or leaders of their organization. Callouts are held on the back steps of Catherine Cooper Cater Hall. Leaders of the organization will “callout” the new members of the organization and the selected members will run up the stairs.


Callouts can be an exciting time of new beginnings for an organization and an individual. Whatever organization is holding the callout believes they have selected the best members possible. The new members typically are also excited to start serving the organization and are overwhelmed with gratitude that they have been chosen.


“Some of my favorite memories at Auburn have happened behind Cater Hall,” Channing Garber, senior in the College of Science and Math, said. “Whether being selected for an organization or not it is always exciting to celebrate with friends on their accomplishments.”


Callouts can also be a humbling experience if it doesn’t end in your favor. Students use tricks like not telling anyone they applied for the organization, and also going to the callouts alone to help make the experience easier. It is normal for students to be nervous about callouts, but it shouldn’t discourage anyone from applying to organizations.


“While callouts may be intimidating there are plenty of opportunities and ways to get involved on this campus that don’t involve and interview or callout,” Director of Student Organizations John Michael Roehm said. “There are over 375 organizations on this campus and I know there is one to fit any students interests and needs.”


I as a student can look back on my time here at Auburn and pinpoint my growth and learning with the things I was involved in outside of the classroom. I would encourage all students to be a part of a campus organization either through an interview process and callout or just by signing up for something at organization days.


“Involvement enhances a student’s in the classroom experience with a variety of opportunities to grow academically, physically, socially and spiritually,” Roehm said.


The most recent callout at Cater Hall was held on February 21, 2013 at 10 p.m. to announce the new SGA president, Harrison Mills.

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