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ISO Peace Dinner- Bringing Multicultural Harmony to the Auburn Family

The International Students Organization (ISO) at Auburn University has been hosting a multicultural dinner for years and years. Their hope was to share the cultures of Auburn students from around the world, but in 2001 that goal changed.


On Sept. 11, 2001, terrorists attacked the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon in Washington D.C. and a brave group of passengers attempted to take back their freedom on United Airlines flight 93. This is a day that changed America forever. Also, from that day forward, the International Students Organization changed the name of their multicultural dinner to the Peace Dinner.  


While tensions were running high between Americans and those of other cultures and the United States entered into a war, Auburn ISO was determined not to let those tensions seep into the Auburn culture. They strived for multicultural harmony between members of the Auburn family, and they have been successful.


The ISO Peace Dinner has been held every fall since 2001 and this year it was the most successful it has ever been. Over 800 people were in attendance and 27 dishes were featured from nine countries around the world, including Iran, Nepal, Africa, Turkey, China, India, Korea, Bangladesh and Taiwan.


Auburn University’s Executive Chef Emil Topel teamed up with the students to help make the most authentic and delicious food possible for the event. Volunteers from different country organizations served the food and helped make the night a great success.


Kinsey Crow, secretary of International Students Organization said, “An event of this size requires cooperation from many people, and ISO is so grateful for the support behind this incredible endeavor!”


ISO asks for a $1 donation from those who attend the Peace Dinner, and this year over $800 was raised. All proceeds go to the Beat Bama Food Drive, an Auburn tradition since 1994, to raise canned food donations, money and awareness to help fight hunger right here in East Alabama.


The ISO Peace Dinner has become a staple on Auburn’s campus for harmony and respect for our fellow men and women. This year was such a success and it is certain to only continue to grow from here.

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