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While he was running for Student Government Association President, Jacob Watkins' platform was student giving to the university. After being elected and talking to advisers, he put his platform into action and the 2010 student giving campaign, "It begins with One," got kicked off on Feb. 1.

"The purpose of the campaign is to educate all students on the importance of private gifts to the university," Watkins said. "Private donations make a difference in our Auburn experience."

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Watkins hopes that by educating students now on private giving, they will be more informed and continue giving back to the university that gave so much to them after the graduate. The goal is to get 25 percent of the student body to participate and he wants 75 percent of the SGA to give.

The Student Development Board, which is made up of students from every college has been trained on the importance of the campaign and relaying the message to students in different colleges and groups on campus. Students will be informed on how important private gifts are to the university and how much of an impact they make.

The campaign will run for six weeks and students are able to choose specific areas that their money will go to. "You can give it to specific scholarships, student development, or to your college," Watkins said. "You name it, you can give it there."

Students can give online or can pay with cash, check or credit card. The student giving Web site gives details about ways to give, reasons to give, the Student Development Board and gift designations.

"Any amount of money can make a difference," Watkins said, "and by being able to designate what the gift goes to, students can give to something they are passionate about and will know exactly where it's going."

More information on the 2010 student giving campaign can be found on the Office of Development's Web site,

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