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"I'm graduating in 2014...wait what?!"

That statement seems to be the most common thing I'm hearing on campus these days. With class of 2010's time soon coming to an end it feels like we've just started. I came to Auburn a little later than everyone else in my graduating class but the feeling is oh so mutual. I have loved every second (lol at last week's game) since I transferred here in the Spring of 2012. I have been welcomed with open arms by this university and while the courses have been tough they have been rewarding for me. Learning disability or not I have been tested in every way possible here and even though it hasn't always been in my favor, I'm so grateful for it. As this fall semester winds down I'm starting to think that maybe graduating is a terrible idea...or maybe the time is right.

Auburn, thank you for everything you've given me so far. 

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