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It's Spring, It's a Break, It's Auburn

With the start of the spring semester comes a countdown. A countdown to the week Auburn students have all been waiting for since the same time last year. Spring break days are the days when nothing else matters, but friends, the beach and good times.

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Spring break is an important time for Auburn students to relax, cultivate relationships and make memories. Auburn students have a long tradition of doing spring break their own way, the Auburn way.

Jonathan Sutton, an Auburn senior, has seen the shores of the Florida panhandle three of his four spring breaks.

“You go from Saturday to Saturday, you and your buddies rent a condo or hotel , drive down Friday night or Saturday morning. And you’re there for the entire week, just hanging out enjoying your time at the beach,” said Sutton.

 Many friends and family of Auburn students are unfamiliar with the way Auburn students spend their spring breaks. And thanks to Hollywood, students going to the beach for a week in the name of spring break areoften associated with drunken debauchery.

However, that couldn’t be further from the truth, as Auburn students represent their University well in numbers and conduct.

 “A normal spring break day, you’re going to sleep in, get some rest, head out to the beach and soak up some rays. Do a little swimming if it’s warm outside, then later that night go to a restaurant by the ocean and gets some fresh seafood,” said Sutton.

After the first few days of spring break its not uncommon to see sunburns comparable to those seen at Talladega and the Rodeo. Auburn students quickly recover and carry on with the week’s low key agenda.

“Then at night pretty much all the Auburn students get together and go to a house party or the bar to hang out, but it’s great because you get to see a ton of Auburn people.

Spring breaks are a once in a lifetime experience. Unfortunately that truth isn’t realized until you don’t have them anymore. Therefore, Sutton stresses the fact that Auburn students need to enjoy them while they can.

“As a senior I don’t have any spring breaks left, so I definitely envourage everyone while they’re a student at Auburn to have a good time, be safe, be smart and take advantage of the spring breaks while you have them and have fun,” said Sutton.

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