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Jenna Nash, Auburn Alumna, Keeps Capturing the Eye of Videographers in New York City

So many Auburn students leave the Loveliest Village after graduation for the Big Apple. It is fun to follow their adventures in New York.  In fact, the number of alumni in NYC is so great - you may be surprised to find that there are many Auburn hangouts there. 

In Manhattan's Midtown East and Murray Hill neighborhoods, you'll find Bar 515 (photo, left).  It is actually where tons of Auburn alumni gather to watch football games in the Fall and gather throughout the year for various alumni events.

So, you see that an Auburn degree is much desired in the fast-paced high energy lifestyle of NYC. There are thousands of alumni following their dreams in the Big Apple.  You can follow in their footsteps and find an alumni base ready to greet you, too.

One such alumna is Jenna Nash (photo, right). She followed her dream and set out for New York City where she landed a job with Forbes Magazine. That's certainly a great place to work and Jenna makes the most of her New York experience by taking in all manner of great events, too.

Jenna keeps showing up in cool NYC videos.  This time she's caught on video in the latest Champagne Sessions video by trendy, hipster Jingle Punks.

Jingle Punks is "your home base for all things Jingle Punks-related. New music projects, insane parodies, Hipster Orchestra videos, random coolness, 4 Strings and an 808, and tons more."  The video channel already has more than 750,000 views.

Last summer, Jenna (photo, left) found herself featured in the Converse video (that we covered here) about "The City Blooms, an art installation that added a blast of color to Manhattan's SoHo neighborhood. Partnering with famed set designer Chime Serra, (Converse) took over an abandoned garage at 300 Lafayette Street and filled it to the brim with a blossoming display of our love for color."  That color came in the form of flowers and art.

Enjoy the Champagne Session music with Matt Butler and catch Jenna at :45 seconds into the video.

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