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Jesica Ahlberg Continues to Make Her Splash in TV :: Alumna Update

It is often said that a liberal arts degree is quite valuable. It is broad enough to allow you to branch out into many areas of work. The same is true of a public relations degree within the College of Liberal Arts.

Yes, we have graduates working in the largest PR and marketing agencies in the world. They are also working as press secretaries for powerful members of the U.S. Congress ... and governors in various states, too.

Some pursue creative work in television and the movies. We even have a graduate that does casting for many of the TV shows you probably watch with fervor.  We shared a few examples for you back in October 2012.  Other sites shared news, too.  War Eagle Reader ran a feature on Holland Weathers, Auburn '02 Communication graduate.  And, of course, are all so proud of Oscar winner Octavia Spencer.

Jesica Ahlberg (photo, right), Public Relations '12, is having great success in modeling and acting. She has appeared on VH1's "Single Ladies" and USA Network's "Necessary Roughness" sports drama program. She's also been in numerous music videos.  The latest is with Justin Moore.

Jesica's latest commercial modeling role is as a Clairol model. Well, actually she was supposed to be "the" Clairol model in the commercial below.

Jesica explains what happened that day. "It was a looooong day. I asked for it though. I was booked to be the main dyed hair model, but I got booked on Necessary Roughness again so I couldn't dye my hair. So they switched us."

As far as we're concerned, Jesica has the loveliest hair on the plains.  Photographic evidence is offered to prove it, too.  The photos below represent some of the work Jesica's done lately. Look for her on USA Network and more. War Eagle!

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