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Photo Caption: Jessie LynnA woman of many talents and interests perfectly describes Autauga county native, Jessie Lynn Nichols. 

Born into a family that loved horses and rode horses, Jessie Lynn grew up traveling from rodeo to rodeo competing and singing the National Anthem. She started singing in church when she was 3 and was classically trained until she was 16, but she had a love and a passion for country music.

Since beginning her music career, Jessie Lynn has performed everywhere from the Alabama Statehouse to backstage at the Grand Ole Opry to opening for the Oak Ridge Boys.

Coming to Auburn

Jessie Lynn knew Auburn was the place for her when she was 7. As a member of the Autauga county 4H Horse Program, she spent many summers participating in the different horse judging and vet clinics Auburn offered. When she came to Auburn at 17 the dream was to go to vet school, however, that was not to be the case.

When she started Auburn she found the agricultural communications program. “It encompassed two things I loved,” she said. “It encompassed agriculture and it encompassed the communications field.”

Jessie Lynn also plans to start graduate school in Spring 2017 and earn her Master’s in agricultural education. “I love to teach,” she said. “I enjoy watching that ‘aha’ moment.” She says that her end goal, aside from the music, would be to teach.

Like any good college student, Jessie Lynn has had to learn how to balance her professional and academic lives. She says that you have to find the most important priority. For her, school will always come first. She believes that what is important in your life will be evident by how you prioritize your time.

The Ultimate Goal

“I have a lot of goals and a lot of dreams,” said Jessie Lynn.

Staying true to who she is, staying humble and never forgetting those who have helped her along her journey, are her big goals. She admits these are hard goals to reach but she likes the challenge.

Her time at Auburn has served as a launching pad for her. “Auburn has given me the different tools I’ve need to enhance what I already knew,” Jessie Lynn said.

The faculty and staff here at Auburn have helped her to be successful as both a businesswoman and as a student about to enter the professional world. They have always supported her and continue to.

After graduation, Jessie Lynn hopes to either be teaching in North Alabama or in Nashville with a recording contract.

Highs and Lows

Like anyone with dreams, Jessie Lynn has faced her share of obstacles. Photo Credit: Jessie Lynn

Personal health has been her major obstacle. Two years ago she was diagnosed with Clostridium difficile, also called C. diff. This causes stomach problems and migraines to flair up when she doesn’t get enough rest, which causes her performance in school and at work to suffer.

“Having to balance rest time and a world that’s so busy, that was a chore,” she said. Her health problems have caused her to reevaluate her priorities to be successful in all of her endeavors.

Health and other personal problems were low points in her career but these lows make the highs all that much sweeter.

Graduating from Auburn in three years and “having this much success this early,” said Jessie Lynn are her high points in her academic and professional careers.

This little dream that started three years ago for Jessie Lynn is finally coming to fruition because of her hard work and dedication.

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