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JoyRun, a food delivery app, is taking college campuses by storm. Now the app is making an appearance at Auburn University. (Photo, left, courtesy: JoyRun)

“I haven’t heard of the app before now,” said Sarah Abraham, an industrial engineering student at Auburn University. “Now that I know about the app, I would definitely use it and possibly deliver when I can.”

The app uses members of the community to make deliveries. All students and other community members have to do is download the app.

Anyone can make deliveries for JoyRun. Community members who make deliveries are paid for their services, and they earn social standing on the app for each delivery they make.

Deliverers, also known as runners, are paid through the app. The buyer pays for their food and a small delivery fee that is placed in the runner’s account once the run has been completed. (Photo, right, courtesy: JoyRun)

“I would consider making deliveries for JoyRun,” said Abraham. “It’s hard to work with my school schedule and it seems like an easy way to make money.”

JoyRun is fairly simple and easy to use. Whenever you need food delivered, you can open the app and see if there are any runs active. If there aren’t any runs active, you can create your own. Community members then can join the run you created or they can volunteer to deliver the food.

The app allows users to communicate with one another and connects the buyer with the runner just in case they placed the wrong order.

“JoyRun seems like it would be beneficial for college students and other people because when you don’t have time to run errands, someone can do it for you,” said Abraham. “Also, it’s an easy way for busy people to make money.”

JoyRun seeks to activate local communities and helps build connections within the community. The app also works well with any restaurant or shop in your community. (Photo, left, courtesy: JoyRun)

Students and other community members can order and pay through the app. A tip can be added on for the runner.

“I don’t like leaving my house sometimes which makes the app beneficial for me,” said Abraham. “I think this would be extremely beneficial during finals week as well.”

JoyRun is available on all college campuses in the nation. Students can request to unlock JoyRun by going to their website.

You can visit JoyRun’swebsite for more information about the app and to view frequently asked questions.

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