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You Can't Do Everything, Just Do Something

On a normal Tuesday night, more than 100 students eat dinner for free at Auburn Christian Fellowship (ACF). Some students stay after dinner to help wash dishes. At 8 p.m. a small group of students get together to watch an 80s movie.

ACF is a nondenominational campus ministry for college students. “We like to say that it’s a place where we can share our lives with other people,” Emily Anne Kennedy said. Kennedy was an intern at ACF last year and is a resident this year. She helps lead and organize prayer groups, community service weekends, small groups and bible study.

Last year, Kennedy and the other ACF interns started the Just Do Something project.

“We decided that we’re a very large organization, and if we all just got together we could just do something really big for the greater good of the world,” Kennedy said.

There is a different Just Do Something project each month. In the past, ACF raised money for children in Mexico to have school uniforms. This fall ACF members collected school supplies for a school in Phenix City, Ala.

This month as part of the Just Do Something project, ACF is providing Thanksgiving dinners for 25 local families.

Some are families of people who go to ACF for free dinner. Others are families of students from local schools who have a connection to ACF.

“We’re trying to get people we know, people we have some connection with, and that need it,” Kennedy said.

ACF is providing the turkeys, and students are providing the side dishes. Students are broken up by last name to bring specific side dishes such as canned green beans, mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese.

Everyone is encouraged to bring food donations to ACF. Interns make announcements at free dinner on Tuesdays to bring donations because that’s when they have the most people come to ACF. 

“We started off wanting to feed 10 families, but we got more and more food so we were like, ‘We can do 25,’” Kennedy said.

If there is leftover food, ACF members will donate it to the food bank.

Last year ACF also provided Thanksgiving dinners to local families. Perry Rubin, the campus minister, and his family personally delivered the food. Kennedy said she hopes that this year interns also get to deliver food so she can be a part of it.


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