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Auburn University not only offers courses such as math, science, and english, but they also offer more hands-on classes like karate. Karate is a class in the Physical Education department that is not given one test all semester, or a textbook for that matter. Students instead are graded on their physical ability to conquer the weakness in themselves (not others) by performing kicks, punches, and blocks. This class will increase your strength, muscle tone, and endurance while developing more flexibility.


There are several different levels of this course given at Auburn, starting with beginner’s karate, where students wear a white belt, all the way to an advanced level where students are in black belts.


Karate does not take place in a classroom. It takes place in a mirrored room in the Beard-Eaves Memorial Coliseum, where not one desk or chair is found. Students gather in the room wearing white uniforms and the appropriate color belt while the instructor teaches wearing the same thing. Shoes are not permitted; so all students in karate are barefoot.


A normal class period consists of bowing before entering class, which is a sign of respect. Students are then seating in rows on a wooden floor facing a mirrored wall. The instructor leads the class in a warm up consisting of many different stretches. After the warm up, the instructor reviews new techniques learned, and also teaches new ones. Class time flies by when you are actively partaking in an activity.


This class is a wonderful break from hundred page books, uncomfortable chairs, and boring lectures. It is a hands-on learning experience that provides students with the ability to learn about the Japanese culture, as well as karate itself. Students are taught basic words of the Japanese language such as how to count to ten, sensai (teacher), gi (uniform), dojo (place of training) and many more.


The final exam takes little to no studying if the student has paid attention in class. It is an overview of skills learned in training. Students are verbally asked questions by the sensai about karate that have been reiterated throughout the entire semester. This course is a nice way to earn a rewarding grade!


If you are looking for a stress-relieving class, or just simply want to try something new, then karate is the class for you. It is a wonderful workout, and an interesting experience! 

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