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Katie Crow: "Bless Yous" - Answering Life's Sneezes

On March 11, 2012, Katie Crow '01 posted this to Facebook: 

Katie Crow was born in Indianapolis, Indiana. She abandoned the basketball loving state in favor of warmer weather and football to attend Auburn University.

Katie graduated from Auburn in December 2001 with a degree in public relations and later went on to earn her juris doctorate degree from Faulkner University School of Law in 2009.  She is married to Don Crow, founder of Verge Pipe Media.

Today, Katie practices law at the Gullage & Tickal firm in Opelika, Alabama.  The firm primarily concentrates on the area of family law.  She is also "Chief Legal Crow & Business Development Diva" for Verge Pipe Media.

"I grew up on Auburn football, rather than Indiana basketball so I had a great love for the Plains. I left the midwest and got down to the south as soon as I could and haven't left since," said Katie.

At Auburn, Katie was a member of Alpha Xi Delta sorority and the student PRCA - Public Relations Council of Alabama.

"My blog - www. - is about my battle and recovery with Melanoma as well as general insights, inspiration, wellness and encouragement," said Katie.

Katie writes, "Ever notice how everyone or even just someone will say 'Bless You' to a sneeze? Ever sneeze and not have someone to say 'Bless You'? I imagine it can feel lonely and sad. I imagine that going through cancer treatment would be even more lonely and sad if I didn’t have wonderful people who sent cards and smile gifts to lift my spirits.

I have gone through love and abuse, baby and new home, graduation and now cancer. Each milestone or trial has been paved with loving people saying 'Bless You.' I have sent out my own “Bless You’s” to the world and I believe that I got as much, if not more, of a smile out it.  I wish I could send out a “Bless You” each day, but time, energy and money are not always on my side. I needed an easy way to send out those smile gifts; smile gifts like I had received.

So was born. If it wasn’t for the storm of cancer, I might not have gotten up to dance and if it wasn’t for the blessing of compassionate loved ones, I might not have been able to make it through the rain."

Katie Crow: "Bless Yous" - Answering Life's Sneezes from Auburn Family on Vimeo.

"I chose this topic because I couldn't find many blogs at the time of my cancer diagnosis to learn about what to expect and encouragement to fight this deadly disease. I decided to write my own and along the way it morphed into not only my experience with cancer, but my experience with human kindness and the support that got my through the battle. I have even started to offer some of the gifts that were so helpful to me."

"During my cancer treatment-I wrote about the roller-coaster of cancer treatment and my experiences (the things I wish I could have found for myself from a blog). After that, the blog has been about life after cancer, inspiring others to support those in need of encouragement and physical and emotional wellness," Katie said.

"My favorite topic was and still is about others helping and encouraging others; I was able to personally experience the healing power of compassion and love. I am even in the process of incorporating the blog into an e-commerce site that offers gifts with cancer patients in mind."

"My ultimate hope is that people will read the blog and realize the impact that their love and kindness can have on someone. I realize that cancer is not easy for everyone to deal with; what to say, what to do, etc. I now know that a simple smile, a good hug, a card in the mail, a little happy gift, can all make all the difference in whether you win or lose your battle. My pleasure from the blogging comes from the hope that I can encourage someone fighting a battle (cancer or other fight) to keep going with strength and grace and motivate others to reach out and support those they know who are fighting some kind of battle," said Katie.

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Editor's Note: This series highlights students and alumni blogging.
Whether it be for personal pleasure or for work, the practice seems to be growing.
This has now become a five-week series.

~ Robert French

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