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There is much that goes into maintaining a healthy relationship at a prestigious university. At Auburn University, where athletics hold a large stake in the university culture, this is especially true. The Auburn University Athletic Department is held in high regards in all sports by many across the country and the Media Relations Department within the Athletic Department is viewed as one of the best.

At its core are a number of experienced sports information directors that preside over all university sports and their interactions with the media. Assisting them are a group of Auburn University student assistants whose job it is to work with university athletes and various media outlets. Working among this special group of students is Luke Inglis, a junior from Cooper City, Fla.

“I wanted to get involved somehow on campus and I came across this job opportunity and went with it,” Luke said. "Working media relations has really given me the opportunity to get a closer look at how an athletic department runs."

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This type of job is not limited to just public relations or journalism majors. Luke, an economics major, began working media relations in his first semester at Auburn just by chance.

“I first started working in the Media Relations Department at the very beginning of my first semester in college,” Luke said. “My first semester working was hectic because that was the season when the football team won the national championship and things were always busy at the Athletic Department.”

Football is just one of the sports that Luke has the chance to work with. He works with every official sport at Auburn. Each type of sporting event has its own workload, leaving work for Luke and the other student assistants ever changing.

"The type of job I do at any sporting event is sport specific," Luke said. "I could get quotes from players after a game one night and run stats to media members a different night.

Student assistants perform a number of different tasks ranging from managing the scoreboard at baseball games to getting quotes from coaches and players after football and basketball games. Through his job, Luke has met several famous members of the media, such as Verne Lundquist and Todd Blackledge, and be around many of Auburn's great athletes like Bo Jackson, Charles Barkley and Cam Newton.

"Through my job with media relations I get to experience a lot of things that a regular Auburn student normally would not get to experience by being able to interact with athletes and coaches on a more personal level," Luke said. "I have been able to experience things with coaches, athletes and various members of the media that I would dream about as a regular sports fan."

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