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Kicking college distractions to the curb one goal at a time

Life is full of distractions, a statement that comes as no surprise to anyone, no matter what your age is.


Between schoolwork, your friends and the ever so enticing Internet it can be easy to lose track of time and get behind on matters more important than The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. (Yes ladies, unfortunately there are more important things to tend to.)


Although the same distractions exist in college as they did in high school, the distractions can be harder to ignore once you’re on your own.


For starters, your parents aren’t there monitoring what you’re doing. There is no one asking you if you’ve finished all of your homework, or if you’re prepared for the big exam you have tomorrow. And there is no one there to make you feel guilty for lying when you say, “Yes, I finished all of my homework.”


As a freshman, you’re going to want to get involved and meet new people, hang out with friends and participate in the typical collegiate social scene. After all, what is college without friends?


College is a time in your life where you are the most independent you will ever be while still remaining completely dependent on your parents.


So how do you avoid distractions while managing to keep up with your social life and school life at the same time?  Can it be done?


Yes, it can be done. Senior Tory Waltrip, 22, is living proof.


“I remember being so excited when I got to college because I could do literally whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted,” Waltrip said. “Or so I thought.”


Originally from Fairfax, Va., Waltrip was a long way from home, and a long way from parents nagging her to do anything.


“My parents were always relatively relaxed when I was in high school because I was a responsible kid,” Waltrip said. “But I didn’t realize how much of an influence they had on me when it came to doing my homework until I got to college.”


“I would do literally anything I could before doing my homework when I was a freshman, which looking back was such a waste of time,” Waltrip said. “I would clean my room to avoid studying and then I bought a subscription to Netflix. Game over.”


So what did Waltrip do to overcome her bad habits? What was her secret?


“My secret was honestly just getting a grip and realizing that there has to be a balance. You have to find a balance between school and friends because at the end of the day, you’re here to go to school. It’s your job. And if you don’t do your job then it’s a waste of time and money,” Waltrip said.


“I started keeping a detailed calendar and became a lover of to-do lists,” Waltrip said. “I also would tell my friends to keep me accountable for the work I had to do. I would do things like tell them when I had a test coming up and they were great at helping me stay focused toward studying.”


College is a job, and a full-time job at that and no matter how much you enjoy that job, there are going to be distractions.


“My advice to anyone who is guilty of procrastination and distractions is to stay focused,” Waltrip said. “Keep your goals high and don’t stop until you reach them.” 

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