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Knowing Your Taken Care of Away From Home

As a child moves away from his or her parents it’s a common worry from the parents whether their child will be taken care of.

As a single child when the time came to move to Auburn, safety was a main concern. Would the safest place be an apartment, a condo, the dorm or a trailer?  Once the decision was made that a trailer it would be, now to decide which trailer park to live in.

After talking to many friends at Auburn, one name kept appearing in conversation, Conway Acres.  While safety was still a concern an Auburn police officer said if he had to pick a park to live in, Conway it would be.

Conway Acres owned by John and Sheri Todd is located on Wire Road. Conway Acres has two parks that attach at the back of each park.

Todd and office manager Angie Newman know their tenants and their cars. If anything suspicious is seen they will come visit you and see what is going or call your parents.  Some college kids may not like this, but being a girl living alone, I appreciate it.

Conway Acres also has multiple ponds for fishing, letting the dogs go for a swim or just taking a nice walk around them.

When the list of rules is handed to you, panic may occur. After living here for a year and seeing other parks, the list is great. No late partying outside, yards must stay cut, and decks must be approved when built, just to name a few, are the things you become thankful for as you look at the other parks.

The best thing about living in Conway Acresis knowing there is a great family that is willing to help when you have trailer problems or personal problems.

When walking in the office you hear today's top christian station playing and just the warmth and love that is felt by talking to the Todd's or Newman.

As the Easter holiday was approaching I walked by the office one day and saw a sign inviting the residents to an Easter service by the ponds. Seeing that just touched my heart, knowing that they care enough about the residence to invite them to share the Easter celebration with them and their church family.

While you and your son or daughter may be looking for somewhere to live and love where they live, check out Conway Acres.


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