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Lacey Beno :: Time Inc. Fellowship - Coastal Living 2012 Ultimate Beach House

Lacey Beno (photo left) is a two-time graduate of Auburn University.  She received her B.A. in public relations in Spring of 2010 and in Fall 2011 Lacey received her M.A. in communication.

"I knew (or should I say, my parents knew) I would be going to Auburn from Day 1. It's a bit of a tradition in my family... so I didn't even bother applying anywhere else. My youngest sibling is following in the footsteps of the Beno clan and beginning his career at Auburn this fall," said Lacey.

While at Auburn, Lacey served in many campus organizations - often as an officer.

Take a breath, because there are lots of them.  PRSA, Panhellenic, Contributing Editor for The Odyssey, Corner TV Host, Social Sorority, Locks with Lacey donation event, Common Book Committee, Committee on Fraternities and Sororities, I-LEAD Leadership Conference Facilitator, Learning Collaborative, Adviser to the Cooking and Baking Club, I also taught Success Strategies and EAGLe courses in Graduate school

In her duties as host of Corner TV, Lacey became a fixture around town.  Some of her - um, excerpts (bloopers) are in the video to the right.

Today, Lacey is completing a wonderful opportunity with Time, Inc.'s Coastal Living Magazine.  "I am finishing up a Fellowship at Coastal Living Magazine. I work with the Idea Home program and this year our 15th Anniversary Ultimate Beach House was located in Rosemary Beach, just miles away from where I grew up."

"The fellowship program at Time Inc. has been incredible and I've learned so much. They entrusted me with updating the blog, where I track the progress of the home and feature different aspects each week. I love writing the posts and hope to begin a personal one soon," said Lacey.

The video below takes you through the beach house's construction ... in quick time.

From the Coastal Living Daily Catch blog:

Our 15th Anniversary Ultimate Beach House opening was a huge success! As you can imagine, the home made an overwhelming impression on visitors, inspiring design ideas and excitement around the architecture and creative innovations which put the “Ultimate” in this beach house. I hope you’ve enjoyed the progress updates and sneak peak photos throughout the project. There’s still time for you to come see this beautiful home in person! Tours continue through October 7th, and the Coastal Loving editorial feature will be available in the October issue. Tickets are sold at the door and a portion of the proceeds benefit our wonderful volunteer group and charity, Rosemary Beach Foundation.

For the project, we asked how Lacey goes about choosing what to write about?  Well, in this case, Lacey says, "It was sort of chosen for me."  She was given the fellowship to write the blog for 10 weeks and chronicle the activities related to the project.

"I literally came on as the foundation was being poured and lit the candles for the opening party. It's such a feeling of accomplishment when you know something inside and are able to help deliver the complete package after months of hard work," said Lacey.

Lacey did bring unique skills and experiences to the blog.  "It helped that I am a builder's daughter and kept up with the 'construction lingo' enough to convey it to the average Coastal Living reader."  She actually built a blog for her father's business in August of 2010 called

"I was so proud to be a part of the Coastal Living project and the home turned out to be absolutely beautiful. I'm just grateful I got to be apart of such a neat and different program and see it through to the end," said Lacey.



Photo Slideshow: Lacey Beno & The Ultimate Beach House Project

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