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Lacey Updegraff :: The Beautiful and Funny "Formerly Skinny Girl"

Today's blog is a fun journey through parenthood and motherhood.  A lot of similarities there, to be sure.  But, not all parents are women - so, motherhood brings its own challenges.

Lacey (White) Updegraff graduated from Auburn in May 2005 with a degree in RTVF - Radio, Television & Film.

"I went to high school in Auburn and always knew I wanted to go to college there too," said Lacey.  "(In college) I was involved with the basketball production team, the choir, a sorority and any communications 'stuff' I could find," Lacey said.

After graduation, Lacey was the first PR/marketing director for Earth Fare in Auburn.  She was the one that guided their PR/marketing efforts through the store's launch.  It was, I might add, one of (if not the) best local launches of any store in the Earth Fare chain's history.  (Editor's Note: And that's the chain's words, not mine.)

In fact, here is Lacey speaking about 'going organic' at the time of Earth Fare's opening - June 18, 2010.


Lacey currently does consulting work for various businesses in the Auburn-Opelika area.

But, today's blogging effort isn't about Lacey's business.  It is about her personal life.

This year, she started a blog addressing the many issues of motherhood.

Parenting and dealing with behavior issues is just one of the topics Lacey addresses.  She's pretty creative.

Her daughter can be a wee bit, as Lacey describes it, "strong-willed."

Lacey's child "really is one of the sweetest and brightest children you've ever met, but when she is upset....she is upset....I mean mad, like possessed even! This only happens like once every few months, but when it does, it is bad! It happened today..."

So, Lacey devised a plan to help modify that behavior while supporting positive behavior.

Lacey writes:

So what did we do after our not-so-great day? We made a behavior board! Something has got to give! So, the deal with this is, she gets 3 tries a day. If she whines, cries over nothing, doesn't listen, etc, one of the boxes gets erased. If she has all of her boxes at the end of the week, she gets a prize (a BIG deal in our girlie's world). Right now, we get her prizes all the time, so she expects them. Well...this behavior board hopefully will correct her behavior and save us some money! This way, she can decide her fate. If she chooses to act the way she did earlier today, she is choosing to not get a prize that week. When more boxes start to get erased, her Barbies get taken away. I realized today that is the worst punishment ever to her. Barbies are huge in this house! Anyway, it's not fancy or really cute (go ahead Pinterest lovers, I know you've seen better), but it's working for us for now and she helped me make it. She is also memorizing Matthew 19:19, "honor your father and mother," so that's written to the side. Tonight has been much better already!

Another topic, actually - the main topic, is something that just about every new Mom has to deal with after childbirth: Losing that weight.

The blog is The Formerly Skinny Girl.  Lacey's inspiration for the effort came from her friend, Carrie.  "Carrie gave me the strength I needed to share my story on weight loss by sharing her own, so please take a look at her story. Way to go, Carrie!"  Read Carrie's journey at Mommy Friday's Heart.

Lacey's blog is about "my weight loss journey, as well as my friends and family members' journeys, and all the things in between.  I write about real-life, so anything going on at the moment (is fair game)."

Lacey is very honest - and pretty darn funny - in her posts about the journey.

There's not a day that goes by that I don't feel the twinge of jealousy when I see those cute 100 pound moms at the playground. Let's just be honest...they suck.

So, I want you to go on my dieting escapades with me. I have tried a lot of them and will post about those here. I'll also post about some of my friends and family members here and what they've tried. And since I love to eat, I'll probably post a few recipes too.

Lacey's first post was about Cheeseburger injections.

OK, I'll admit it...I live in a college town and every time I walk by an incredibly skinny, tan college girl, I want to inject her with a cheeseburger, or a few. I wish I could go back to my college self and tell myself how good I looked and to stop worrying about being skinny....oh how I wish! See, I got married at 21 weighing a measly 115 pounds. That's me there. (See photo right)

"I hope to get some accountability from the readers of this blog. I've also realized that a lot of people struggle with these same things, so it's kind of nice to encourage others going through these things too (weight loss, being a new mom, etc)," Lacey said.

Follow along in Lacey's journey and offer some supportive encouragement.  I've know Lacey for several years.  She is wonderful ... and beautiful - in every way.  You'll like her.


Editor's Note: This series highlights students and alumni blogging.  Whether it be for personal pleasure or for work, the practice is continuing to grow.  I'm finding new blogs each week.  The was originally going to be a five day series.  This has now become a five-week series - one blog each weekday. ~ Robert French

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Comment by R. D. French on August 1, 2012 at 4:20am

A fun blog, Lacey.  Thanks for letting us feature you.  And, remember ... you're beautiful. War Eagle!

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