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Ladies of Kappa Delta Chi: Making Room for Hispanic Culture


Hispanic women are 1.7 percent of Auburn University's total enrollment. There have never been 1000 hispanic students on Auburn's campus.

So, community is imperative to such a small population on campus. Latino Student Association, and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers are two prominent organizations that intersection culture with various segments of student life.

However there was a gap.

Where are the groups for hispanic women?

There need to be a space for ",people  who didn't want to be in a typical sorority, but in a different type of group," says Gabi Rodriquez.

Kappa Delta Chi became the answer.

What is Kappa Delta Chi, or KDChi?

According to, "Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc. is a Latina founded, 501(c)(7), national sorority who aims to achieve professional development, academic excellence, and graduation of all its members; an organization dedicated to community service to their local university communities with an emphasis on the Hispanic/Latino population."

On Nov. 25, 2016, Auburn's chapter of Kappa Delta Chi was chartered.

Finally, a space with roots for hispanic and latinx women was on Auburn's campus.  It is also important to know, while the organization advocates and places emphasis on hispanic and latinx underrepresented groups: any woman of any race can join Kappa Delta Chi.

Jaida West, a member of KDChi, noted the importance of expanding the frame of reference for Auburn students. "Most people hear hispanic, and think Mexican," says West.

KDChi at Auburn aims to "bring our cultures to campus."

What is the difference between hispanic and latinx? says,"Latinx is a gender-neutral term that is used as an alternative to Latino/a. It refers to people whose origin or ancestry is in Latin America and excludes Spain. Geographic location is what separates this term from Hispanic or Spanish. Additionally, the usage of the "x" instead of the "o" or the "an" at the end of the word "Latinx" is important as it's inclusive of those in the Latin community who are gender non-conforming, gender queer, gender fluid, etc.

The word Hispanic refers to people of Spanish-speaking descent. This encompasses countries from Latin America and Spain but excludes Brazil because their national language is Portuguese."

Check out this brief video from HuffPost for more information.

HuffPost Video "The Difference Between Hispanic, Latino And Latinx"



How will Kappa Delta Chi expand its reach?

The organization makes an effort to partner with multiple groups across campus, including but not limited to:

  • Omega Psi Phi, Inc.
  • Delta Sigma Theta, Inc.
  • Latino Student Association
  • University Program Council
  • Omega Delta Phi

The sorority even helped host a Black Student Union meeting about mental health in communities of color.

The women of Kappa Delta Chi are making moves to be represented on campus and to shine a light on their community.

"You can't fit us into a box. Allow us to redefine that box," said West.

For more information about Kappa Delta Chi, visit their AU Involve page here.

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