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Kelli Bagwell, a senior in Communication at Auburn, participated in the Disney College Program this past spring semester. Born and raised in Auburn, AL, Bagwell's resume was filled to the brim with Auburn experiences and activities; therefore, she wanted to expand her horizon and accumulate an experience that was outside of the Auburn city limits.

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“I wanted to do something that was out of my comfort zone,” said Bagwell.  “While I was there, I learned a lot about myself and the world outside of Auburn. I learned patience and how to deal with people from other cultures. I think this is the coolest part about the Disney experience; you get to meet people from all different cultures,” Bagwell continued.

Bagwell saw the internship online and applied just for fun, thinking that acceptance was a longshot. However, after accepting and participating in the program, she realized that Auburn University is a big supporter of the Disney College internship and the program tries to recruit heavily on Auburn’s campus.

The Disney College Program is a full semester internship for college students at Disney property in either Orlando or Anaheim, CA. The program is open to college students from all around the world and provides the opportunity to work for a multi-billion dollar company. Students work a minimum of 40 hours per week, and they have the opportunity to take a variety of classes. These classes can either support the student’s major or provide a history on the Disney foundation and the “Disney Way.”

There are a several different categories of jobs that the Disney program offers for students to apply for; they range from Attractions to Dining to Main Entrance Operations. When a student is offered the internship program, they are also offered their “role” or job and this is what determines whether many students accept their offer. Disney also holds auditions for the entertainment role that college program students are allowed to attend to potentially become a character or entertainer during their internship.

Currently, the application for the spring semester internship is available and the recruitment process has already begun. Since she has completed the internship program, Bagwell is a representative for Disney to Auburn students, so if anyone has any information they can contact her.

“This internship was the greatest experience of my life. I learned so much and found out more about myself than I could have ever hoped to learn from a college experience,” reiterated Bagwell. “I highly recommend every single college student looking into the program as at least a possibility because it is so much more than just working or being at Disney 24/7, it is a chance to learn more about yourself and be trained by arguably the most successful customer service oriented company in the world,” said Bagwell.

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