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Amanda Elsberry will not be able to meet her girlfriends for dinner on Tuesday night. A fire drill is scheduled to take place in Leischuck Hall that night and she must make sure all residents get out safely. Such is the life of a residence and housing Hall Director.


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Elsberry, Leischuck’s Hall Director and graduate student studying Communication Disorders, is in charge of 97 freshman female students who live in the building. Her other responsibilities include implementing and enforcing university policies, delegating roommate conflicts, serving as a role model, organizing educational activities for the residents, etc.

Bottom line: Elsberry must be available 24/7 for her 97 girls.

Because the job is so time consuming, it comes with several great benefits. Auburn’s Hall Directors receive a monthly salary and free on campus housing which includes utilities.

But perhaps the greatest benefit of a Hall Director’s job is the free tuition for graduate school. Elsberry said her interest in the job increased dramatically when she saw that.

“Not having to worry about paying for school is pretty awesome,” Elsberry said. “But it’s also pretty great to build relationships with the girls who live here. It’s fun to watch them come into their own during their freshman year.”

As wonderful as free tuition and 97 new best girlfriends sound, Elsberry admits there are a few disadvantages too.

“The thing that is the most difficult is having to be the bad guy,” Elsberry said. “Being the one to enforce the policy with girls that you have gotten really close to can be really hard. But someone has to do it!”

Confidentiality rules hindered Elsberry from sharing the craziest situation she’s had to deal with so far but she did say, “Pretty much everything I deal with is crazy because, let’s face it, I am working with freshman!”

So how does one go about getting the job of an Auburn Hall Director? The interested applicant must be enrolled in graduate school at Auburn University and must be available to begin working on August 1st through checkout at the end of spring semester. Then a letter of interest must be submitted and once that is reviewed, be sent an application and reference forms will be sent to the applicant.

“I actually found out about the opportunity to be a Hall Director when I was accepted into Auburn’s Graduate School,” Elsberry said. “Once I looked into it, I realized that it would be a great way to be involved on campus and have an impact on the lives of the freshman here at Auburn.”

For more information, contact the Assistant Director of Housing and Residence Life, Becky Bell at or call (334) 844-3463.

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