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Lindsay Allen :: She Embodies the Servant Leadership Philosophy "Better To Serve Others, Not Yourself"

We have discovered yet another prolific blogger and social media enthusiast.  Auburn alumna Lindsay Allen '10 has two blogs; plus, her social media outlets like Facebook and Pinterest.

Twenty-six posts at JamesTwoTwentySeven (documenting her mission trip) ... and sixty-three posts at Normal Cooking - the blog we'll primarily focus on here.  That's 89 posts ... very similar to Anna Davidson's study abroad in Europe chronicle (93 posts w/ videos & photos).

Lindsay's Blogs:  Following The Call :: James 1:27

Normal Cooking

Lindsday's blogging experience started in preparing for a trip to Africa.  Lindsay writes, "So this is my first blogging experience.  Blake (my husband, for those of you who don’t know) is an experienced blogger and is so proud that I am finally giving in to virtually sharing my life with the world wide web."

She adds, "You may be wondering what this blog is about.  Good question.  Blake and I are embarking on a journey.  A pretty epic journey, in fact."  And the journey (and blogging) was off to a great start.  It was a journey of serving others - the servant philosophy.

Lindsay's Facebook Page for Normal Cooking

Lindsay and Blake "decided to join up with an organization called Visiting Orphans."  This would take them halfway around the world for a rewarding experience.

The blog served as a home-base, of sorts, for the many aspects of planning the trip.  Fund raising is one.  Lindsay could use the blog as a touch point for anyone she approached for a donation.  They could visit the blog and learn about the couple's motivations for the trip, their personalities and more.

It served them well, as the photos and videos below will atest.

Africa Trip :: Movie Trailer

Before we get to the next blog, a little background.  What was it that made Lindsay choose Auburn University?

"When I made the decision to go to Auburn University, it was hardly even much of a decision at all. You see, my life had been full of Auburn since day one. Literally," said Lindsay.

"I was born on a Friday, and at only one day old that Saturday, I watched my very first Auburn game. Wrapped in an Auburn blanket in the hospital room, surrounded by my whole family of Auburn fans, my grandfather said, 'Well, we're starting her off right.'"

"And in case you're wondering, Auburn won the game that day against Georgia and went on to be SEC champs that year," Lindsay said.  "Since then, I've been blessed to be able to attend many games over the years. While my love for Auburn may have begun out of a love of football, that's not where it ends,"

"I love the atmosphere of the campus --- the small town feel but with plenty of things to do. I love the friendliness of the students and faculty. And I have found the Auburn football fans to be the classiest of all the SEC fans. Most importantly, Auburn has an outstanding legacy of academic excellence, and I knew I would forever be proud to call myself a graduate of such an esteemed university," said Lindsay.

Lindsay earned her degree in May 2010 in Music Education.  Today, she teaches music and loves it.

"As a music major, I spent most of my time in the practice rooms at Goodwin Hall. However, I did get to be involved in several activities during my time at Auburn (mostly music related)," said Lindsay.

"I was in the Concert Choir, the Women's Chorus, and the Chamber Choir. I was a member of the MENC (Music Educator's National Conference) and the ACDA (Alabama Choral Directors' Association). My junior year, I was elected as ACDA Auburn Chapter President, and our members went to a national convention in Oklahoma City," Lindsay said.

Blogging for Lindsay, seems to be all about her passions in life.  She loves to serve others and she loves to cook.  She also writes about her main passion - her husband.  From Lindsay's bio, "Hi there! My name is Lindsay. I’m 24, and I’m married to the best guy in the world. No seriously…I found THE BEST guy in the world and somehow convinced him to marry me. His name is Blake. We do not have any kids, except for our 4-legged, furry one named Jazzy."

"My blog (Normal Cooking) is all about food. While at Auburn, I lived off of Easy-Mac and Chef Boyardee, but after I got married, I decided it was time to grow up and learn how to cook. So, here I am two years later, and I feel like I'm finally making some progress," said Lindsay.  "Each day I post new recipes, pictures, and comments about the food I cook. I include tips on meal-planning and how to grocery shop on a budget. I also throw in little stories about my life. like our mission trip to Africa or babysitting my hilarious 7 year old cousin."

"I started blogging primarily because my friends and family (especially my husband, who gets to be the official taste-tester of all my food) encouraged me to put my recipes online. That way they wouldn't have to constantly be asking me for recipes, and I wouldn't have to constantly be typing up and emailing them out to everyone! It's also a great way to organize all my recipes. Between my recipe box, cookbooks, and Pinterest boards, it's hard to keep track of which recipes I've done or liked. My blog has made that a thing of the past," said Lindsay.

"Well, since I write about food, my posts each day are usually about what I cooked the day before. Whether it's a simple weeknight meal or an extravagant anniversary dinner, you can find recipes for all occasions. My favorite recipes to post, by far, are desserts. I'm a chocoholic, and I'm always looking for an excuse to make a rich, decadent (and usually chocolate) dessert. I always choose recipes that pretty much anyone can do. That's the whole theme of my blog. It's called Normal Cooking because it's not for people with culinary arts degrees or professional bakers. It's just a place for people, like me, who are trying to learn how to cook and just need some ideas," Lindsay said.

"The greatest pleasure I get out of blogging is hearing from people who have one of the recipes I posted. One of my friends referred to me as their 'superhero of dinnertime,' and that just made my day! It feels good to know that I have helped someone develop a new skill or help busy moms find family-friendly meal ideas," said Lindsay.

Editor's Note: This story was particularly fun for me. I first met Lindsay's parents *cough* years ago (see what I did there) at Camp ASCCA Easter Seals. They were the head counselors and guided all of us through that very fun experience of serving others. So, it is no surprise that their daughter seeks to do the same thing - give back to others.

Lindsay's Food Blog: Normal Cooking

All of the photography is by Lindsay Allen. She prepared all the dishes and presented them in her own kitchen. A truly homemade cooking blog.

Food Blog - Lindsay Allen from Auburn Family on Vimeo.

Lindsay's Africa Trip

Photo Album of Lindsay & Blake in Africa from Auburn Family on Vimeo.

Lindsay's Slideshow

Find more photos like this on The Loveliest Village

Video from a member of Lindsay's group :: Africa Trip


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