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Linking Your Major with Your Hobbies

There are many people around the world that are in need of a shelter over their heads. Auburn junior, Marshal Schmid, plans to use his knowledge and talent to help build and provide better living arrangements in those third-world countries.

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Starting in civil engineering his freshman year, Schmid knew that he had an interest in the building field. He later switched to the building science major at Auburn, wanting to focus more specifically on the actual building aspect of the field. 


"I grew up building," said Schmid. "I was always out in the garage building things with my dad's tools. Then as I began to get older, I took interest in carpentry like making rustic furniture and other various wooden objects. Then, I started working for a general contractor out at residential construction sites."


The building science major focuses on the managerial side of construction, while incorporating hands on building projects with drawing and design. 


"My favorite class thus far has been working and drawing specs," said Schmid. "I enjoy what the class focuses on and my favorite projects in this class have been the drawing assignments."


Schmid fills his time outside of class with hobbies like wood working and carpentry. His major courses have coincided with his interests and complimented his building talent. He has used what he has learned in those same courses to serve on building mission trips as well. 


"I have been going to the Dominican Republic for several years now with my church in Decatur," said Schmid. "I have greatly enjoyed these trips because not only have we been able to share our lives with these people who live in very poor villages, but we have also been constructing for them a new medical facility because they live very far away from any access of medical attention." 


Schmid has been able to use his building science knowledge to provide resources to those in need. 


"I will not work in this field after school," said Schmid. "I plan on being a missionary after school in various third-world countries. But I will not necessarily be working in countries where I will be able to build things. Although I would like to build things while I'm there, I will most likely be in third world countries where there are unreached people groups with no or little access to the resources to build."


Schmid exemplifies a student who has found a common ground between his major and his hobbies. This summer, he is working for Next Step Ministries as a construction director in Jamaica. 


"I got an email through my major for this position and it was the first time I had heard about that ministry," said Schmid. "So I set up an interview and soon after, got the job."

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