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As humans we struggle with keeping our motivation up and attitudes positive. The population seems to drudge through days and take the experience of life for granted. When in this emotional state, feeling blue or unmotivated, let Allison Wetherbee show you the way and in the process she may show you up. Allison was born with no arms or legs; limbless. Despite her disability she lives an amazing and interesting life, that’s full of adventure.

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“A lot of my life is trying new things, failing, then trying again. I have a strong belief in God, and it’s not really in my hands anyway. That is where a lot of my courage comes from,” according to Wetherbee. She defines strength as, “Facing fear head on and taking care of what has to get done. Fear is the unknown. Keep going, don’t back up, don’t turn around.”

Wetherbee accredits her personal success to her life long relationship with Camp ASCCA. Camp ASCCA stands for Alabama’s Special Camp for Children and Adults and caters to all ranges of disabilities. She first learned about camp ASCCA in 1978 when other summer camps could not accommodate her needs. Many camps said that her mother would have to attend with her, but not Camp ASCCA. “The first time I attended Camp ASCCA I was seven and it changed the rest of the course of my life.”

Wetherbee attended camp sessions until she was 18 and through her sessions she experienced a lot of firsts. She has experienced water slides, tree houses and even her own version of swimming. After she graduated high school she attended college at Auburn University of Montgomery, graduating with a masters in counseling. She worked as a mental health counselor for a number of years, until she accepted the position as Director of Community Relations at Camp ASCCA. She travels around the state and speaks about her life to spread the camp’s message.

In her daily life Wetherbee enjoys organic food, movies and gardening. Her favorite movies include Dances With Wolves, Lord of the Rings and Cinderella Man. “They all have heroes trying to make the best of their situation and make other peoples lives better as well. That’s something I relate to because that’s something I struggle to do everyday; to improve my own life and the lives of other people around me,” said Wetherbee.

For more information on Allison Wetherbee’s incredible life check out her blog at and for more information on Camp ASCCA visit the website at

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