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Class of 2014: Congratulations, we did it!


We have gotten to experience Cam Newton as a classmate, winning the national championship, winning two SEC championships and truly understanding the power of a second. We have also been there for the poisoning and removal of Toomer’s Oaks, a rough football season and a few bomb threats. We’ve experienced a lot over our four years at Auburn, but we’ve done it together as a part of the Auburn Family.


With graduation just days away, it is time to reminisce on your time here and create a few last memories. Here are the most important things to do for your last week of college:


1. Have a picnic on Samford Lawn

You know you’ll miss hearing the fight song at noon each day. Spend the afternoon with your friends enjoying one of Auburn’s traditional landmarks.

2. Drink Toomer’s lemonade

Get one more glass of the best lemonade in the world. You will never have lemonade this good again!

3. Attend your pledge class's final events

Treasure your last time with your sorority sisters or fraternity brothers and live up your senior-night festivities. You’re probably going to miss those dreaded chapter meetings more than you think!

4. Get your Momma’s Love

Momma Goldberg's Deli has been serving great deli food in the Auburn area since 1976…you can’t get momma’s love or nachos this good anywhere else. Also, hit up other classic Auburn eating establishments such Niffer's, Little Italy's, Amsterdam Cafe, Big Blue Bagel and The Hound.

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5. Take lots of pictures

Take pictures at every traditional Auburn landmark. This includes a picture by Samford Hall, the Auburn University sign, the War Eagle sign outside of J&M, the seal, Toomer’s Corner and Aubie if you can find him!

6. Get kissed at the Lathe

Legend says if an Auburn man brings an Auburn woman to the lathe and kisses her, the lathe will hold steady if she is a true Auburn woman. This is your last chance to prove yourself! 

7. Wear your orange and blue

A large portion of your wardrobe probably consists of orange and blue, so you might as well show off your Auburn pride by wearing your Auburn and game-day attire.

8. Visit your old dorms

Even if you lived on the hill or had a crazy roommate, you know you still loved your time in the dorms. Take a trip down memory lane on your sentimental visit back to your freshman-year dorm.


You really only do have a few more days, so use them wisely! Congratulations on making it this far, and War Eagle!

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