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6 Tips for College Students Wanting to Tone Up Before Summertime

Warm weather clothing is certainly not the best for concealing weight that you may have gained during the winter. Regardless of shape or size, every body is uniquely beautiful, but eating healthy and working out can also benefit many other areas in your life. Even if you are not trying to lose weight, these tips can be helpful in maintaining your weight. 

1. Invest in a fitness tracker

Fitness trackers are bracelets worn to track your exercise and diet. There are many different styles and options to chose from to accommodate a wide range of wants and needs.

Some are designed to also track your sleep, check your heart rate and log your diet. Keep in mind what exactly you want to accomplish with your workout routine when selecting your fitband. 

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2. Adopt the "refrigeration rule" for snack foods

Strictly eating healthy food while attending college is a challenge for countless college students. Many people assume that it is more expensive to eat healthy food compared to the cost of eating cheap food.

What these people fail to consider is the hidden costs of cheap food. Not only does consuming cheap food negatively affect you personally, our Nation's pocketbook take the majority of the blow. Each year, a whopping $118 billion is spent on obesity-related healthcare costs. 

College students' busy schedules can encourage grabbing a bag of chips on-the-go to tide you over until your next meal. Healthy food can just as well, if not better, be "fast food." An apple for a peach can be eaten single handedly instead of using two hands to eat a bag of chips. Next time you are grocery shopping remember to purchase snack foods that have to be refrigerated such as yogurt, fruit or vegetables. 

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3. Exercise during study breaks 

Don't make "not having enough time" as an excuse to skip your work out. I compromised by purchasing two sets of dumbbells, 3-pounds and 5-pounds, and a yoga mat to do "mini-workouts" during my study breaks.

It's an excellent way to give your mind a break and get your blood pumping. 10-15 minutes is all you need! 

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4. Eat breakfast (and every 2-3 hours afterward)

Remembering to eat breakfast is essential to boost your metabolism for the day. When your metabolism is boosted your body is able to burn calories more efficiently, which can aid in weight loss. 

As a student athlete, Georgia State Lacrosse player, Antonio Mattei, understand the importance of eating breakfast daily. 

"I make it a point to eat a substantial, healthy breakfast on game days. I've found that when I fail to do so I significantly don't play as well," said Mattei. 

There are a variety of healthy breakfast recipes available online even for the pickiest of eaters.  

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5. Catch your Zzz's

While you are sleeping, especially during REM sleep, your body is repairing itself. If you are trying to build muscle, failing to get enough sleep deprives your muscles of a chance to repair and build. 

The recommended amount of sleep per night for college students is approximately 7-9 hours. 

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6. Stay hydrated 

Maintaining your fluids is crucial, especially if you are losing excess water through working out. Avoiding sodas and sugary drinks entirely is highly encouraged. 

If the thought of drinking water does not appeal to you, make fruit-infused water. My favorite recipe is apple and cinnamon infused water in which the cinnamon helps to increase your metabolism. 

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