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On February 6, Auburn University hosted campus wide major and minor elections.  The minor elections voted in new councils for the University's many colleges.

The College of Business students voted to elect a new council.  Jonathan Hefner (President), Molly Otto  (Vice President), Trent Baggerly (Senator), Dixon Simmons (Senator), Dane Block (Senator), Ally Arthur (Senator) and Crandall Hilton (Senator) make up the newly-elected Harbert College of Business School's Council.  The night of the election Crandall Hilton, part of the Lowder than the Rest ticket, and Porter Kennedy tied with 715 votes each.  As per the Code of Laws, both candidates followed up with an interview as the tie breaker and Crandall Hilton was elected as the fifth senator.  

They ran off a platform that was built around providing a voice for the College of Business Students. Their primary goals are as follows: 

  1. "Advocate for student interests as the new business building is being built"
  2. "Promote more involvement within the College of Business by creating a freshman leadership organization for first-year students"
  3. "Unify the College of Business through events and activities available to all business students"
  4. "Establish a designated feedback system to better represent student interests and concerns"

Recently they created an Instagram account as a platform of communication between the council and students, to aid in the attaining student feedback.  On Wednesday they utilized the Instagram Live function to host a real-time Q&A with students.  The inspiration for this type of outreach actually came from the runner-up SGA Presidential candidate, Brock Henderson.  Henderson frequently went Instagram live during election week to answer questions from students about his platform.  

Since being elected the council has began to move on plans to resurrect a "Harbert Headlines Business Newsletter."  This will be a bimonthly newsletter sent out to the College of Business Students.  The newsletter would include updates on the new business building, as well as article on entrepreneurship, internship success stories from upperclassmen, etc.  "We're really looking forward to creating a newsletter written by students, for students.  I think it'll be terrific for establishing a sense of continuity for events and happenings in the college.  I'm very grateful to be a part of this and it's exciting to get the ball rolling," said Hefner.    

"Jonathan and I are excited to be serving the College of Business this next year.  We are here to give the students a louder voice and are determined to make an impact on our college within the next year.  Thank you for giving us this opportunity.  If you see us around the college fee free to come up to us and give us your feedback!"  -Molly Otto, VP

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