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Auburn University is one of the top schools for the major of apparel merchandising and design (AMDP). The course work for this major prepares students for careers in the textile, accessory and apparel industries.


After graduating students seek careers as retail buyers, sales managers, fashion coordinators, fashion forecasters, fashion journalists or sales representatives. AMDP provides endless career possibilities for students.


A student can get a degree in merchandising or design. The merchandising degree combines the knowledge of fashion and textile industries with business fundamentals. The design degree is all about creating a product and knowing the consumer.


Auburn's AMDP program is well versed in what it takes to be successful in the apparel industry. Students are obligated to take chemistry and accounting to graduate. They are also required to do an internship during a semester.


AMDP students are urged to do a study abroad program in Italy through the College of Human Sciences. The program is a resume booster. Students come back having learned problem-solving and people skills.


Some think majoring in fashion is strange, but Emily Hester, Amber Drummond and Katy Knox beg to differ.


"I picked my major because I love fashion and I am a very artistic person. I enjoy keeping up with the latest fashion trends and sometimes starting my own trends. Also, I love the aspect of working with customers in a retail setting and helping them to feel confident in their selection of an item they are buying. And hopefully I will get to do all of these things in my future job setting. I love how individualistic your job can be in this industry." said Knox


Drummond and Hester are in a visual merchandising class.

They learn how to design and create window displays. Every month they will design a new display. In February they designed a window display for Prada.


This month Hester and Drummond have been asked to design a window display for Under Armour. Executives from the Under Armour company will be coming to examine the window. If the executives like the display it will be used nationally for their new campaign.


The department gives many opportunities to students to be successful in their future lives. Drummond plans to work as a buyer for a popular clothing company. Hester would like to have a career at a company like Philanthropy: Fashion with Compassion. Knox wants to take over her mother's company, Private Gallery, after working as a buyer for a large company.


Knox, Drummond and Hester feel sure Auburn is preparing them for their future plans. They have done many projects, giving them hands on experiences with things they will be doing in their careers. The women have learned life lessons as well.

"I have learned that everyone is so different, you have to be true to yourself, not getting caught up in ALL of the trends. If I end up being a buyer this will be a valuable asset to remember when choosing items for a particular store" said Hester.


Check out this major in the College of Human Sciences  located in Spidle Hall.


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